22 Delicious Ways to Make Empanadas

Love empanadas? I share 22 delicious ways to make empanadas! Bake it or fry, either way, they are delicious!
22 recipes for empanadas

Are you an empanadas lover? If you are, I have a huge list of 22 delicious ways to make empanadas. One of my favorite things about making empanadas is how quick and easy they are to prepare. They can be baked or fried (or use the air fryer). Did I mention all the possibilities? In Puerto Rico, we call empanadas, “pastellitos” which is essentially the same thing. Many people just make them different or fold the ends a different way. But either way, they are delicious! Post contains affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you make a purchase through any of my links. There is no additional cost for you. 

22 Delicious Ways to Make Empanadas

  1. Strawberry Empanadas
  2. Turkey Stuffing Cranberry Empanadas
  3. Cheese Pizza Empanadas/
  4. Shredded Chicken Empanadas/
  5. Spicy Chili Empanadas
  6. Air Fryer Empanadas
  7. Argentinian Beef Empanadas
  8. Ecuadorian Cheese Empanadas
  9. Baked Plantain Empanadas filled with Cheese
  10. Baked Apple Cheesecake Empanadas
  11. Tuna Empanadas
  12. Three-ingredient Chicken Empanadas
  13. Chocolate S’Mores Baked Empanadas
  14. Baked Spinach Leek Goat Cheese Empanadas
  15. Potato, Egg, and Veggie Breakfast Empanadas
  16. Empanadas de Carne a la Surena
  17. Ham and Cheese Empanadas
  18. Taco Empanadas
  19. Puff Pastry Empanadas
  20. Weeknight Chicken Empanadas
  21. Beef Black Bean and Corn Empanadas
  22. Pumpkin Feta Empanadas/

So many choices! I love how creative some of these recipes are. I have some favorites that I cannot wait to try. My husband is obsessed with the Taco Bell Caramel Apple empanadas, have you tried it? So good! I’m not a big sweets person so I just take a bite but he loves it. I’m going to try some of the dessert empanadas this week. He is going to love it.

To save time I buy the pre-made dough found in the freezer section (usually the Latino frozen section) it makes it so much easier to prepare a recipe. You can just add whatever you want, fold it over and secure it with a fork. I also use this empanada press to fold it. Way easier! You just lay the round empanada dough, add your filling, and close the press. It will seal it for you!

If you want some empanadas with a little spicy kick, I have these Spicy Chicken Empanadas and Easy 4-ingredient Cheesy Chicken Empanadas.

Which empanada recipe will you try first? 

22 delicious ways to make empanadas


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