Animal Crossing: New Horizons Must Have Game!

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animal crossing new horizons

The beloved Animal Crossing video game franchise has finally made its way onto the Nintendo Switch, and after months of anticipation, we finally have our chance at making our very own Island getaway. Much like every other Animal Crossing game, you get the chance to develop your own deserted, weed-filled, and empty land into a new prospering town with plenty of side adventures to choose from, DIY recipes and a museum to fill with everything you can get your hands on. Disclosure: I received a copy of the game. All opinions stated here are my own. 

In this new adventure, you’ve embarked on; you are accompanied by Tom Nook and his 2 nephews Timmy & Tommy, a raccoon family with a hunger for Bells (the in-game currency), and two other adorable villagers (by the way there are over 300 different villagers that can potentially become your neighbors!) 

Just like in previous games, you start with a few craftable recipes, like a shovel, an ax, and a fishing rod. You’ll also be able to use the materials around you to craft these tools and other household items. For example, using tree branches to craft the ax and using wasps nest to craft medicine. But don’t worry if you are rolling in bells you’ll be able to purchase the “flimsy” tools in your Nook’s Cranny shop.

There are a variety of ways to learn new recipes – balloons floating around in the sky that you need to hit with a slingshot (which you are able to craft to create), a message in a bottle that appears on your sandy beach daily, your villager crafting a DIY, and by receiving extra recipes from friends. I really like how rewarding the game is with these, I’ve found some amazingly adorable DIY recipes and some amazing furniture. My favorite ones are the shell furniture collection – many of the furniture can be customized with customization kits.

Another amazing rewards system in the game is called Nook Miles. They are a separate currency you receive for completing ordinary tasks and can be used towards purchasing new furniture, clothing, hair designs, or adding fencing to your island.  By simply catching fish or bugs, talking to your island residents, or even just buying things in the store; the game rewards you generously with Nook Miles. 

 New Horizons provides you with many adorable and unique animals that will inhabit your island. Among my many residents, I’ve come to find so many special traits and differences between them, and how they interact with each other. Sometimes I see some of them sit together and read or drink their tea. I’ve seen them sing together, some even comment on friends who’ve come to visit the island, and compliment on their names or island. My favorite resident so far is a hamster named Apple, she’s so adorable and always calls me “Cheekers”. I’ve come to adore her more as I watch her run around, watering my flowers, cleaning up sticks that fall from trees and even hearing her sing in front of my Resident Service building. 

The museum in New Horizons, blew me away!

Every single fossil, fish, and bug was added into their own personal exhibit. In one of the rooms, there are several fish tanks and aquariums filled with varied marine life, from Sea Bass to a giant Great White Shark, and even cute little turtles. In another exhibit, colorful butterflies fly around freely. There are even dragonflies, grasshoppers and all sorts of creepy crawlers. As you continue through the museum, you are taken to a huge area with fossils (that you have dug up and donated to Blathers) filled with interactive features that you’ll love! Next to the room of fossils, you’ll find a room with an evolution timeline. I still have some fossils to complete that portion of my museum but I am almost there! 

On some rare nights, you’ll get a special guest named Celeste (Blathers sister).  I love it when Celeste is on my island because it means shooting stars will appear! You also get a special space/sci-fi DIY recipe from her. They are amazing!  When you see a shooting star you press the “A” button to wish on it. The next morning when you walk along your beach you will see star fragments that can be used to craft DIY recipes Celeste has given you. Use it to craft the special wands (that allow you to store 8 different outfits), glowing stars and moons, and even zodiac furniture.  

The Animal Crossing game has really taken over the world! It has been my saving light during this pandemic. The ability to connect with friends in the game, create an island that is personally yours really has made it an enjoyable game for everyone! I ended up buying another copy of the game so my daughter can play on her Nintendo Switch Lite. If you have a Nintendo Switch, you NEED this game!


Post contains affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links but there is no additional costs to you.

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