Back to School 2015 – 2nd Grade

2nd grade. It seems like just yesterday he was turning 1 years old. You don’t realize it now but time moves way, way too fast. Christian started 2nd grade today! Oh yeah, and to make it more exciting he lost one of his bottom tooth last night. He was actually happy about it and wrote the tooth fair a note with the items he wants. It was the tiniest note ever.


SpyGear (review and video coming soon!), phone, and I think 5 Marvel packs? Tooth Fairy unfortunately gave him money. We explained that she just cannot carry toys and electronics. He was disappointed. Kids!


You can see his little missing tooth… ha ha.

We got back from the cruise on Saturday so I made a mad dash this weekend to get the remaining supplies he needed. I know, I know – leaving everything for the last minute. At least I got everything done. I packed his lunch box and put a little note inside for him to read when he ate it. He told me today that he loved it ūüôā I didn’t get to take him to school but my husband did. He said he did really well. He started a new school so I¬†was surprised to hear that he had no issues at all. He loves his teacher and made some new friends. My little big boy!



My husband had to troop with Ciara since drop off is so early for Christian. She did not want to leave “brother” and kept saying she wanted to go to “big girl school”. We told her in 2 more years she’ll be in the same school as Christian. Roy said for the first time she dried when he dropped her off kept saying, “I want to go to a new school”.

I hope everyone had an amazing first day of school!


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