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The worse feeling is seeing a child sick. Breaks my heart when I see my daughter with a fever. There isn’t much I can do to make it go away but I can make the process a little easier. Braun No touch + forehead thermometer has two non-invasive ways to take a temperature reading, making it easier than ever without sacrificing accuracy. One mode requires no contact, which means you can hold the thermometer up to 2 inches from the forehead to take a reading. The other requires gentle contact to the forehead in the same location. Either way, you get an accurate in less than two seconds!

Pediatrician and mom, Dr. Tanya Altmann gives some great advice on helping parents prevent sickness:

Spotting a cold
During cold & flu season, we receive lots of calls from parents who are trying to decide if their child has come down with an illness. My first question is always how is their child acting? Behavior is often the best indicator of whether a child needs to be seen right away. Fever is also often one of the first signs of the flu and is also when the child is most contagious. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable thermometer at home.

Get your flu shot
One of my first recommendations for parents heading into cold & flu season is to get their family vaccinated. The flu can cause serious health problems such as pneumonia and is especially dangerous in young children and the elderly. The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the flu vaccine for any child over 6 months. Ask your pediatrician if you have questions.

A cold or the flu?
Patients often come into the office saying they have the flu when really they just have a cold. The symptoms between a cold and flu are different and it’s important to recognize them so you can treat your illness effectively. The flu is much more severe than a cold and it tends to come on more quickly. Cold symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, congestion, sneezing and coughing, while the flu usually produces high fever, chills, headaches, body aches and severe fatigue. If you think you or your child has the flu, call your pediatrician.

Staying healthy this winter
I swear by some tried and true methods of prevention during cold & flu season. One that tops the list is washing hands. Parents should have their kids wash their hands every time they enter or leave the house and before any meal. Germs are everywhere and children will touch anything. Secondly, make sure everyone is getting enough sleep to help keep their immune system strong.

Keeping out the flu
One out of 5 Americans suffers from the flu each year. One prevention measure you may not have thought of is maintaining humidity levels in your home. Recent studies have shown that keeping humidity levels between 40 and 60% can reduce the survival of the virus on surfaces and in the air. While humidity levels drop when cold temperatures set in, using a humidifier can help increase the relative humidity, and relieve coughs and congestion at the same time!

Key features

  • Only thermometer to take touch and no touch readings;
    same professional accuracy in both modes
  • Easy to use with readings in less than 2 seconds
  • Gentle LED light and on-screen indicators ensure
    proper placement
  • Large, easy to read screen
  • Color-coded temperature guidance to track progression
    of fever
  • Mute option for silent readings
  • Suitable for infants, children and adults

You can find Braun No touch + forehead thermometer in major retailers now. What’s your favorite feature?

Disclosure: I received the item above to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own. 


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