Camping Essentials for Families

Disclosure: I received some of the products below in exchange for this post. Post contains affiliate links. All opinions stated are my own.

Camping is a fun activity to do with kids but you definitely need to be prepared. We try to go camping a few times a year during the cooler months. We’re always so connected to the web that I look forward to a weekend away from it all. Getting back to nature with trails, relaxing, and just exploring. I look forward to bonding with family and friends.

  1. Tent. You want to get a nice roomy tent for your family. I prefer tents that I can stand up in because it is easier to move around. We have a 4-person tent and it works well for my family of 4. We’re able to fit 1 queen size air mattress and 1 twin, leaving us some space to walk.
  2. Lantern. You want a go source of light. A lantern that can provide plenty of light in the dark. It gets really, really dark out. We have a solar power lantern and a battery operated one. The battery operated one is way better at providing bright light.
  3. Music. We love our Polk Boom Swimmer music player. It withstands the elements you face when camping. We camped in Ocala Springs to camp recently and had the music player right next to the water. It worked perfectly! It came in contact with sand and water with no issues. We loved that it is small and portable to take on our hikes if we wanted to hear music.
  4. Food. We brought food that can be easily heated up in a grill. We pre-made many of the meals. But we also brought along dry food that can be easily prepared with water. Mountain House has some awesome dried food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh yeah and dessert! I think it is perfect for long camping trips or treks that require less baggage.
  5. Sleeping arrangements. I’m not going to lie the ground is hard. I definitely recommend an air mattress or Therm-a-rest LuxuryMap mattress. The Therm-a-rest LuxuryMap mattress is self-inflating which is perfect for camping. No need to worry about bring a pump! Sleeping bags are good to bring as well. They have for cold weather and warm weather.
  6. Seating. Foldable seats can be big and bulky but Therma-a-rest Quadra chair weights less than 3 lbs! Easy to put together and easy to fold. Perfect for camping. It is spacious with a mesh pocket for storage. I love that it small enough to take anywhere.
  7. Make lighting a fire a breeze with Bison Firelighter. It quickly ignites charcoal and wood –  the faster, cleaner, and safer way to light BBQs, campfires, smokers, fireplaces and just about any fire.

I also bring a hammock but for some reason it never gets used. I guess since we’re on the go so much it ends up not being used. One thing I recommend is bring extra tarps. We got rain during our last camping trip and the tarps saved us! Bring extras not just for underneath your tent but for covering when needed.

The most important thing is to just have fun! Enjoy the quality time with family. Enjoy the gorgeous night sky!


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