DIY Easter Eggs Inspired by Rae Dunn

Easy Easter DIY project using the Silhouette Cameo. These Rae Dunn inspired Easter Eggs are perfect for your farmhouse style decor. 

Easter eggs inspired by Rae Dunn

Have you jumped on the Rae Dunn bandwagon? I love the simple look of Rae Dunn mugs and serveware. It is no wonder her products are loved by many and it also helps that it is very Farmhouse-style which is super in right now. While browsing Walmart’s Easter section, I came across these plain white eggs. I immediately thought they would be perfect for Rae Dunn inspired Easter eggs. I already had the perfect font in mind! Post contains affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you make a purchase through any of my links. There is no additional cost for you. 

Easter eggs inspired by rae Dunn using the sulhouette cameo 3


DIY Easter Eggs Inspired by Rae Dunn

Materials needed for Rae Dunn inspired Easter eggs:

DIY Easter Egg materials


1. Open your Silhouette Studio, click on the “A” (text box) and type out the words you want on your eggs. Click on Text Style Panel on the right-hand side to change your text font. Select “The Skinny” or “Desmond” if you are going with those fonts. Also, if you want to add an image like an Easter bunny like I did, just add it to your Silhouette Cameo.

2. Size each of your words so that they are under 1.5″. The plain white eggs I bought measured less than 5″ around the widest circumference of the egg. The text are close to 1″ – 1.3″ depending on the length of words. The height and width are about the same for two-word phrases like “Happy Easter”.

3. Arrange the words so that you are not wasting any vinyl. Try to keep the words close together.

Rae Dunn inspired eggs using Silhouette Cameo

4. Load your black matte vinyl into your Silhouette Cameo. Be sure your settings reflect the correct material – select “Vinyl – matte” from the options. Adjust your blade if you do not have the auto blade.

Easter Eggs using the Silhouette Cameo

5. Once the words have been cut, use the weeding tool to remove any material/pieces you do not need. It was easier to cut each of the words separately before weeding – but it is totally up to you! Use transfer tape or contact paper to adhere your words on to it. I found it easier to use a squeegee tool to really adhere the vinyl onto the transfer tape. Repeat the process for the rest of your words/phrases.

ae Dunn inspired Easter egg vinyl

6. Carefully cut slits on your transfer tape to make it easier to stick the vinyl onto the rounded surface of the egg. Carefully position it where you want and press down so that it sticks. You may have to smooth it out but it should easily stick to the surface of the egg. Carefully remove the transfer tape/contact paper. Repeat process for the rest of the eggs.

Easter Bunny easter egg

All done!

Adorable Rae Dunn inspired easter eggs


I love the way these adorable Rae Dunn inspired Easter eggs came out. Aren’t they perfect for a Farmhouse style mantle? Wire baskets, burlap, metal, and muted tones are exactly what you need to complete your Easter decorating.

I cannot wait to show you some other Easter egg projects I did! Stay tuned.

Do you collect Rae Dunn products?

DIY Easter Eggs inspired by Rae Dunn



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  1. March 13, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    Rae Dunn stuff is all so stylish isn’t it? This is such a clever and simple idea. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us at Handmade Monday, it’s always lovely to have new blogs to follow and be inspired by.

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