DIY Hearts and Confetti Slime

DIY hearts and confetti slime

Slime has become a favorite DIY project around here. The kids love making it so we’ve been making slime for all the occasions. We head to Target or Dollar Tree to find glitter, confetti, or anything else that can work. Making your own slime is easy, it may take some practice at first but it’ll get easier. I make slime without using Borax, just baking soda, and saline solution.

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red confetti slime

DIY Hearts and Confetti Slime – Valentine’s Day Craft


  • 5 fl oz Clear glue
  • 1/2 TSP Baking Soda
  • 1/2 TSP Saline Solution (have extra, just in case)
  • Red food coloring
  • glitter, confetti, buttons (found mine in Target $1 spot)
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring spoons

DIY Hearts and Confetti Slime


  1. Pour the clear glue into a mixing bowl. Add the food coloring (I added about 3-4 drops of red). Mix well.
  2. Add the glitter and mix well. Next, add the confetti and buttons.
  3. Slowly add the Baking Soda. Tip: I added slowly while mixing so the mixture doesn’t get white clumps.
  4. Carefully add the Saline solution. 1/2 tsp at a time while you mix. The mixture will start to separate from the edges and gets really sticky.
  5. With your hands grab the sticky slime mix and move it around in your hands. After a few minutes, it will be perfect – no longer sticky.

You can easily make a big batch and share with your children’s classmates as Valentine’s Day or birthday party favors. Sime is such a fun activity to do with kids and a great way to get them involved in a fun craft. I let the kids pick their glitter colors and the food coloring they want. I remember playing with slime when I was a little girl but I could only get it as a prize in the arcade. It is so cool that now we can actually create our own slime right at home!

glitter confetti slime

The DIY Monster Slime is another great slime tutorial. Green food coloring, green glitter, and colorful eyeballs make it so much fun to play with.

Have you made slime?

DIY hearts and confetti slime for kids


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