DIY Personalized Kids Crayon Tote

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Make this easy Personalized Kids Crayon Tote using the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut! Makes for a great personalized kids gift idea or unique birthday party favor.
Personalized Kids Crayon Tote using the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut

Are you looking for an easy inexpensive gift for kids or birthday party favor? This DIY personalized kids crayon tote is perfect for you! I picked up this crayon tote bag at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and I knew it would be perfect as a gift for a child or birthday party favor. My daughter loves drawing, painting, and coloring everywhere we go so the tote bag is the perfect carrying case for art supplies.

If you have a creative child or you just want to keep the kids entertained on the go this little tote bag is the perfect solution!

Personalized coloring crayon tote bag

The bag is less than $5 but, of course, I used a coupon to get it for even less. Score! The bag is big enough to hold drawing pads, coloring books, crayons and other little supplies that they need to stay entertained.

DIY Personalized Kids Crayon Tote

Supplies needed to make your own Personalized Kids Crayon Tote:

DIY Personalized Kids Crayon Tote supplies


Step 1: Open the design in Silhouette Studio. Use the text tool to type the child’s name. I used Donut Derby as the font for my daughter’s name. Resize it to fit the crayon tote bag. My total size was 5.76 x 6.45.
Unicorn name setup

Step 2: Fill the design with color (the outline to) to make it easier to cut if you are doing multiple colors. I just used black. (Optional – use the shape tool to draw a rectangle around the design. It helps save on vinyl by just cutting what I need).

Silhouette studio cut screen

Step 3: Mirror your design since we are using HTV. You do this by clicking the right mouse button and select “Flip horizontally”.

Step 4: Set your material type by selecting heat transfer – smooth if you are using smooth vinyl. Select the material that corresponds with the vinyl you are using. Set the rectangle box to a higher cut setting (I use Heat transfer – glitter). Then, send to cut.

Weeding SVG files

Step 5: Time to start weeding your design. Use your weeding tools to make it easier.

Kids Personalized crayon tote

Step 6: Once your design is ready – position it on the crayon tote. Use your iron or Cricut EasyPress to press it on. Be sure to put a good amount of pressure. The crayon tote is hard canvas material so it took about 45 seconds at high heat to get it really pressed. Remove the clear sheet and you are done!

Unique Birthday Party Favors

Unique Birthday Party Favors

Though it is called a Crayon Tote it really could hold any art supplies. It is perfect for storing markers, pencils, colored pencils, and more. Whatever your little one’s heart desires. Wouldn’t these make the cutest party favors? An inexpensive and unique birthday party favor for kids. It would be perfect for a kids painting party! You can pair it with a Coloring T-shirt to make it the ultimate party favor. You can personalize birthday party favors for each child who is attending the party to make it even more memorable.

Unique Birthday Party Favors

Name Unicorn crayon tote

My daughter used washable markers to color the front of her Personalized Crayon Tote. The best part is that she can color it again and again because of the washable markers. Unicorns are all the craze these days so I loved the adorable cut file from Silhouette Studio but you can find coloring SVG files all over the web.

What is your favorite personalized gift idea?

DIY Personalized Kids Crayon Tote



Post contains affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links. There is no additional cost for you. 

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