Easy Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

cleaning tips for the holidays

Easy Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are filled with so much joy until you have to think about all the work that needs to get done at home before house guest arrives. Let’s be honest, the holidays can be super stressful – decorating, cooking, hosting, buying gifts and so much more. Why add cleaning to the list of stressfulness? I hope these easy cleaning tips for the Holidays help you with a stress-free and enjoyable holiday season. 

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Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

Involve the family

Cleaning an entire house is a lot of work. Get everyone in your household involved. Kids can clean their rooms, load and unload the dishwasher, dust areas they can reach, wipe down counters/coffee table, other easy tasks. The kids will be so excited to help because they won’t want to end on Santa’s naughty list.

Clean the floor last

Eyevac home

The floors are constantly being used so I tend to leave the floors last. I tell my husband and kids to stay out of the walkways. I typically sweep or vacuum really well by moving chairs and tables. One of my new favorite “toy” is the EyeVac Touchless Vacuum. It makes cleaning so much easier especially for touch-ups I may need when guests are in the house. What I love is that it is easy enough that my kids can do it. The Eyevac has a sensor and once you push dirt, pet hair, or anything else it will suck it right up! No need to use a dustpan!


Mop the floors after sweeping up. I like to add Fabuloso to the water so it leaves a wonderful clean scent. It seriously is amazing.

Clean all linens and towels

You may have guests that will sleep over during the holidays. Have all the bed sheets, blankets, and towels washed and folded. Have them in a place where they can be easily found. You may want to pick up an extra pillow if you don’t have. I like to make sure my family and friends are comfortable when they are staying with us.

Clean windows and mirrors


Windows may sometimes get overlooked but when guests are over you may want to open the curtains to let some sunlight in. I do the outside and inside. My daughter loves helping with the windows. The sliding door always gets dirty from the kids coming in and out. They seem to forget about the handle and use their hands to open and close. The fingerprints are real!

Clean out the refrigerator

Check all expiration dates and throw out whatever has been spoiled. I remove everything from the fridge and wipe it down. Clean out the freezer and throw away any food that may have freezer burner or may no longer be good. I always find leftovers I forgot about hidden in the back of the fridge or freezer. You’ll now have space for extra drinks or food you may need for house guests.

Clean and Organize the bathroom

Pay special attention to the bathroom. Everyone spends plenty of time in the bathroom so I always clean it well. I change the shower curtain liners and stock up the cabinets with extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and other toiletries. Have extra towels and washcloths available for your guests.

I hope these easy cleaning tips for the Holidays help you have an easier and stress-free season. Remember what the holiday season is all about – enjoying your time with friends and family. Have fun and relax!

What do you do to prepare for guests?

easy cleaning tips for the holidays








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