Easy Tri-Color Rotini with Chicken Recipe #BarillaFiesta

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Barilla®, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #BarillaFiesta
Barilla_4 Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, many of the dishes that my mother prepared used Latino spices. We always had our rice, beans, and a meat. Occasionally, we would have Italian food but it usually had Latin spices such as adobo and Sazon. I didn’t know any different and I loved it. When I met my husband, who is from Nicaragua, I assumed he ate and cooked like my family. I was so naive in thinking that all Latino families cooked the same. I was totally wrong. His mom prepared pasta in a totally different style but still yummy. The moment I tasted her Tri-color Rotini pasta with chicken, I knew I had to learn how to make it. Today, I am including the recipe to her pasta with chicken recipe I was introduced to over 10 years ago! It gives you the Italian pasta with Latino ingredients – a delicious twist on traditional pasta.


I love meals that can be done quickly. I’m a working mom so my time is limited once I get home – between homework and baths, I’m lucky to find time to cook! Using Barilla Pasta that I picked up at Walmart, I can create the Tri-color Rotini chicken recipe in less than 40 mins.



Barilla_1 The pasta can be adjusted to your taste. I love garlic so I do tend to add extra when I make it. The dish is very light but if you like more flavor add onions and peppers. My husband’s family doesn’t use a lot of seasonings which is totally different than the Puerto Rican cooking I was used to when my mom made food.


If you are interested in learning more about Barilla pastas and recipe ideas, Barilla will be having in-store product demos in select Walmart stores. The recipes will feature Barilla elbows and wavy lasagna. The demos will be taking place from 11/6 – 11/9/2014.

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