Family Fun with Super Mario Party!

Thank you to Nintendo for providing a review copy of the video game. All opinions stated here are my own.

Family Fun with Super Mario Party

Game night has been taken up a notch with the newest game from Nintendo! You may think family game night is board games but nope – we are gamers, video gamers! Video games have always been part of our family life. I played when I was a little girl with my dad and sister. When I was dating my husband we used to stay in and game together. Now we have kids and guess what? They both game right along with us. Ninento Switch is the perfect console for families – there are video games available for all ages.

Super Mario Party has quickly become a family favorite. The video game has so many games to play. If you’ve played Mario Party(remember Nintendo 64 or Gamecube?) in the past you can imagine how fun the newest Super Mario Party is for Nintendo Switch. Plus, many of your favorite characters are part of the party, too!

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Minigames

There are 80 new minigames! 80! So many games to play which means endless partying! These minigames can be played by up to 4-players. I usually tend to play with the kids but it is so fun playing together. The skill-based minigames offer a variety of ways to play. There are some clever ways to use the joy-cons.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party

The kids and I love playing Trike Harder which is one of the new minigames. The object of the game is to get to the finish line the fastest by moving your joy-con around. Sizzling Stakes is another favorite. You use your joy con to flip the meat on a pan. The meat has to get cooked on all sides. All-Star Swingers is another fun game that we love to play. It takes some skill to swing the joy-con at the right time! I could go on and on about the different games but we have way too many games we enjoy playing.

super mario party family fun

Board Game Mode

The Super Mario Party board game mode allows up to 4-players to play at once. Each player “rolls” the dice but you can select the character specific dice with alternate numberings if you prefer. You move along the game board based on the number displayed on the dice. The objective is to collect the most stars. Move around the game board choosing where to go.

Super Mario Party Game

Online Play Mode

For the first time ever – play Super Mario Party with people around the world! Online Mariothon mode allows you to compete in a marathon of minigames with players from all over the world. Online Mariothon lets you play a series of five minigames:

  • Barreling along
  • Candy Shakedown
  • Croozin’ for a Broozin’
  • Feeding Friendsy
  • Fuzzy Flight School

I like to play with a few of my online friends and love the ability to chat with the Nintendo app.

Playing video games with my kids has been a great bonding experience for us. It is always a fun time – or party every time we play. I look forward to our game nights. Nintendo has so many games that are perfect for family game night. Super Mario Party has become a family favorite since we started playing it.

Have you ever played Super Mario Party? 

super mario party family fun






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