Fun Books for Summer by DK Publishing

Disclosure: I received the below items to facilitate my review. All opinions stated here are my own.
logoSummer is coming! Yay! Summer we’re usually doing things outdoors but what about those rainy days? Or those days where you just want to take a break at home? DK Publishing has some great new titles that will sure to entertain kids of all ages.

Great Things to Do Outdoors 

dk1My son loved this book because he enjoys spending time outside in our backyard. You will usually find him searching for spiders, digging for worms, or helping his daddy with the garden. Definitely an outdoorsy boy! The book offers 365 activities for kids to do outdoors. Below are some examples:

  • Make an erupting volcano
  • Make your own fertilizer
  • Create a desert garden
  • Make a bird feeder box

The book offers step-by-step instructions for each activity in the book! If you have a little guy or gal who loves exploring and observing nature, this is the book for them! Perfect for summer fun!

The Lego Movie: Awesome Adventures

dk2Did your kids see The LEGO movies in theaters? We took our five year old to see and he has been obsessed with it. He is a LEGO fan already with a container filled with all types of LEGO pieces. Since he is in Kindergarten he is learning how to read, the DK Readers series is perfect for those kids who are learning how to read. Also, since it is a topic he enjoys he is more willing to sit down and try to read the book. The book follows the adventures of Emmet. The book has colorful, bright images which follows the story. It holds their attention since they are seeing the images of the story.

The Ultimate Sticker Collection:The LEGO Movie and MARVEL Heroes Unite!

dk6Have a little sticker fan? The Ultimate Sticker Collection books have sooo many stickers! My son and I love them. Yes, I do love the sticker books too! It is a great way for my son and I to bond. The books have outlines of the characters and you must find the correct character from the plethora of stickers available. We love going through the pages and finding the correct sticker. My son loves Marvel and LEGO so we had hours of fun together. Great way to entertain the kids on quiet summer nights or even on road trips.

Animal Alphabet

dk9My princess is like a sponge right now. Absorbing everything she hears and sees. Her language skills have exploded since she started school. She counts to 11 and has started singing her ABC’s. Animal Alphabet was a treat for her because she loves animals. When she saw the butterfly in the front cover she immediately sat down to look for the “buttafry” (as she calls it). My daughter just turned two years old and was able to flip open all the little boxes to see the animals. I love that she is not only learning her letters but animals as well. Great opportunity for me to show her what animal it is and what sound they make. She has been able to identify almost all the animals from the book. Great learning tool!

Great Things to Do Outdoors 

dk12My daughter is a little artist already. She must take after my uncle (Martin Classen who is an illustrator!) who has illustrated a few books. The book comes with a dry erase marker that easily erases. Right now she is only scribbling things all over the page but I know when time she will start creating beautiful images. My daughter didn’t even let her brother come close to using it. “No botha, mine” is what she kept repeating. The book has beautiful bright pictures that allow the kids to draw something on them. For example, one page has a blank dinner plate. The kids can draw food on it so not only are they drawing but they are learning about food.




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