How to Know When Your Child is Ready for Contact Lenses

Tips on how to know when your child is ready for contact lenses. This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated here are my own. 
How to know when your kids are ready fro contact lenses

Glasses nowadays are trendy and stylish, coming in all types of colors and designs. But there may come a time when your child wants to try something different – like contact lenses. How do you know when they are ready?

I got Contact Lenses when I was about 12 years old. It was definitely a different experience for me but I knew I was ready. Glasses were just getting in the way of sports and activities I wanted to do. Glasses can break easily or worst – losing them. My parents knew first-hand how pricey that can get!

How to Know When Your Child is Ready for Contact Lenses

Is Your Child Asking for them?

Have they shown an interest in contact lenses? That is definitely an important step to transitioning them to contact lenses. They may be tired of wearing glasses and want to try something new.

Is Your Child Responsible?

Wearing contacts is a big responsibility. Does your child do her chores without being asked? Contact Lenses can be costly if they are not taking care of them. If they are responsible with glasses, chances are they’ll be responsible with contact lenses.

Does Your Child Practice Good Hygiene?

Contact lens requires your child to clean and disinfect there contact lens on a daily basis. Are they able to handle that? If not, they probably are not ready. They can end up getting a bad infection in their eye if they don’t clean their contacts properly. They need to understand the importance of cleaning them, keeping them safe, and removing them daily. A good option is disposable daily contact lenses

Is your child ready for contacts

Benefits of Contacts

Contact lenses can be a positive experience for kids – boosting self-esteem, helping with sports and outdoor activities.

My glasses always got in the way when I was playing sports or doing outdoor activities. Going to the beach was always a challenge – water spots, greasy sunblock lotion, and not being able to wear sunglasses (unless you were cool and had transitions, which I never did). Also, the sweat always made the glasses slip down my nose.

Contacts give us the freedom to move around freely and easily but it does come with responsibility. If they are ready to take the next step, head to DiscountContactLenses to order the contact that best work for your child. Discuss with your eye doctor. I use Acuvue Vita contact lenses which have worked wonderfully! I tend to wear contacts all day so I needed something that will be comfortable.

Discountcontactlenses acuvue vita

DiscountContactLenses has all your favorite brands at a price point you’ll love. Plus, their contact lens subscription service leaves you with one less thing to worry about. You’ll never worry about running out of contacts! You’ll get 10% off a future purchase. Let’s not forget Free Shipping and returns!

With Halloween right around the corner, Discount Contact Lenses has the really cool Halloween contact lenses. They have so many different options! Zombie eyes – check! Vampire red – check! Wolf eyes – check!

If your child is not ready yet, that is ok!  Every child develops differently. I got contacts early but my sister waited until she was in High School. She loved having her fashionable glasses – she always had a few different pairs to match her outfits. Luckily, DiscountGlasses is available to help with costs! If you have a child who loves switching up her glasses, DiscountGlasses is exactly what you need! So many styles, colors, patterns, and designs to choose from.

When did you get your first set of contact lenses? 

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how to know when your kids are ready for contact lenses







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