How to Make Your Own Wood Signs

How to make your own wood signs with stencil material

I’ve had it on my to-do list to do a wood sign with one of my favorite lines from my favorite movie. Cutting the wood and framing sounded a little intimidating so I decided to take a little shortcut. Thankfully, I found a wood frame already assembled in Walmart but I didn’t use it in the way that was advertised. I used the back! It gives the perfect frame for a wood sign. The wood sign is about $5! Super affordable and budget friendly. Post contains affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you make a purchase through any of my links. There is no additional cost for you. 

The Notebook inspired wood sign

Nicholas Sparks has always been one of my favorite authors. He just writes these heart-warming stories – aka they make me cry like a baby every.single.time. The Notebook is one of my favorite books and movie. I’ve seen it so many times I know almost every line. Anyone else a fan?

So for less than $5 you are getting a custom wood sign! Let’s get started…

How to Make Your Own Wood Signs


$5 wood sign


1. Using the Blue Painter’s tape, tape around the inner edges of the frame to protect from the wood stain. If some wood stain gets on the frame, it is ok as the white acrylic paint will cover it.

2. Apply your stain with a foam brush. Wipe off any excess stain with a towel or cloth. Repeat if you want a darker finish. Let the stain dry completely.

staining wood sign

3. Using more painter’s tape, tape around the frame to protect the inner frame from getting paint. Apply the white acrylic paint on the frame. Be sure to allow time to dry between each layer. I applied about two layers of paint. Allow paint to dry completely.

Wood signs with stain and paint

4. While the paint is drying, open up Silhouette Design Studio. Type out your desired quote. Be sure to size it so it fits on your 10 x 10 size frame.

5. Load the Oramask 813 stencil material onto the Silhouette cutting mat. I use the same setting as vinyl – matte. You only want to cut the top layer of the stencil not go through the backing.

Oramask 813 stencil for wood sign

6. Weed any of the pieces you don’t need. Use the transfer tape to adhere the stencil to the wood. Be sure the stencil is aligned correctly and that it is stuck on the wood really well. Remove the transfer tape. Apply the black acrylic paint using a round foam brush. Watch the edges so you don’t get any black paint on the white background. If a little ends up on the white just carefully apply more white paint to the area.

stencil material on wood frame

Easy $5 wood sign

The Notebook inspired wood sign

7. Once the paint is dried, remove the stencil and admire your work!

You got yourself a less than $5 custom wood sign. It is seriously so addicting. I think these are great for craft nights or group parties! Get together with some friends and make it a craft night!

how to make a quote wood sign

Wood panel sign

I love that you can get really creative with the different stain colors or even just painting it. Put your favorite quote or even a silhouette of something. I’m going to do a few more with some inspirational quotes.

What favorite quote would you put on a wood sign? 

How to make your own wood signs with Silhouette cameo





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