HP AMP 100 Printer with built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with HP. All opinions stated here are my own.
HP AMP 100 Printer with built-in Bluetooth speaker
There are so many printer options out there, how do you know which one works best for you? Since moving, our living area reduced quite a bit and the lack of space was a big problem. I needed a printer that wasn’t bulky and didn’t take up a lot of space. The NEW HP AMP 100 printer with built-in Bluetooth Speaker offered me everything I needed. The compact size and a built-in Bluetooth speaker gave me exactly what my family needed! It also was from a brand I trust. I have a HP all-in-one printer in my office area and it has been amazing. I knew HP AMP 100 would be perfect for my son’s room.

HP AMP 100 printer

My son is your typical 9 year-old. He enjoys playing video games and listening to music. Since moving he lost some space in his room so I needed a printer that wouldn’t take up too much space. He has a desk but didn’t have a printer or speaker. HP AMP 100 offered both with an ultra-compact design. My son was thrilled as he loves listening to the latest music on his tablet now he can listen while he games! Win-win. The printer can be used wirelessly which I love because I don’t want extra cables all over his desk.

HP AMP 100 Features

HP AMP 100 with built-in bluetooth speaker

  • Easily listen to music and take phone calls right from the built-in Bluetooth speakers. You can connect your phone or tablet as long as it has Bluetooth connectivity. It is easy to setup by just turning out your Bluetooth and selecting the HP AMP 100 from the list. Instant playback! The sound is powerful and clear. Be ready to hear “Despacito” on repeat.

HP AMP 100 with built-in bluetooth speaker

HP AMP 100 with built-in bluetooth speaker

  • Print, scan, manage supplies, and more from the HP Smart app. Managing everything just got ways easier! I love that I can print from my phone straight to the printer. I’m not always in front of the computer so it is nice to be able to print pictures whenever I want.

  • Easily Charge your phone with the built-in USB port. Just plug you device and get it all charged up.

There are some other cool features like being able to print from anywhere with HP ePrint. You get a designated e-mail where you can e-mail any documents or photos you want to print from anywhere! The HP Connected Instant Ink has be a lifesaver. I’ve had it for a few years now and I don’t have to worry about buying ink! I receive the inks I need automatically! One less thing this mama needs to worry about! The plans are super affordable too! It is based on how much you print monthly. I love that HP makes our lives so much easier.

What is your favorite feature?


HP AMP 100 printer with built-in bluetooth



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