Kent Bikes: Back-to-School Must-Have


There is more to back to school than just the clothes, school supplies, and backpacks – many kids ride their bicycles to school. It is their form of transportation to/from school every weekday. Safety is the number one priority when I think of my son riding to school. He is not at the age yet but when he gets older he has the opportunity to ride to school with the neighborhood kids. We live pretty close to the school which means we can’t utilize the school bus rides. Even though he doesn’t ride a bicycle to school he rides his bike everyday when he gets home from school. Kent International bikes puts parents at ease with its high standards for quality and safety. Riding a bicycle to school keeps kids alert and focused which is big plus because they are aware of their surroundings.

We know that bikes offer a form of transportation but it has so many other benefits.


1. Health/Fitness.

Getting kids outside. I try to limit the time my kids spend in front of the TV, tablets, and computers. We go bike riding together as a family. It promotes a healthy lifestyle. We usually got a few times away. We’ll go around our neighborhood or head to the park for a change of scenery. The kids look forward to it every week. The best part is that I’m getting my fitness on (and so are they!). I want my kids to live a healthy lifestyle and I know starting their early is key.


2. Relieves stress. 

I know kids don’t tend to feel stress (or maybe they do). Riding our bikes really boost our mood and stress levels. I drive an hour each way to work and when I get home I just want to relax. Cruising on my bike with my kids really changes my mood. I look forward to our family conversations and bonding time.


3. Independence.

My son is only 8 years old but he is very independent. He observes his surroundings and remembers everything! When we g bike riding I usually let him lead us to wherever he wants to go. He familiarizes himself with areas near where we live. If anything ever happened and he got lost, he’ll know how to find his way home. It is a lesson I want both of my kids to know.

Available in a wide range of trendy colors and styles, Kent offers a mountain or BMX bike to complement every child’s backpack or new clothes. One of the best parts about the bikes are that they grow with the child thanks to easily adjustable seats. Kent has bicycles for the entire family from adults to little ones.


Looking to purchase a bicycle for back to school? Be sure to look for Kent Bikes online or in stores.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Kent International. All opinions stated here are my own. 



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