Kids Winter Wardrobe Essentials from Crazy8

Disclosure: This a sponsored post with Crazy8. All opinions stated here are my own.
Kids winter wardrobe essentials from Crazy8

Kids Winter Wardrobe Essentials from Crazy8

The Holiday season is almost here! It always feels weird that I celebrate the Holidays in a state that doesn’t get snow. I’m originally from New York and the Holiday season “felt” more special in a colder climate. This year will be different. Why? We’re heading to Gatlinburg, TN! We are crossing our fingers and praying that the kids get to see snow for the first time EVER. The kids were able to get all the essentials at Crazy8. Winter coats? Check! Warm and fuzzy boots? Check! 

Crazy8 Holiday posts

Mix and Match

Kids grow so fast so I am always looking for ways to stretch the look of outfits. Shirts that have bright colors are perfect for mixing and matching bottoms. I paired the Ruffled Flower Top with a cute corduroy skirt then paired it with navy leggings. Both give different looks but it still works for dressing up or down! Since the top has so much color you can even pair it with red leggings or jeans!

Crazy8 winter

Crazy8 Holiday

Warm footwear

Nothing like some warm comfortable footwear when hitting the slopes! We plan to do all the things available outdoors in Tennessee. Exploring the outdoors is a must for us. Crazy8 Sparkle Dot Cozy Boots are perfect for our family winter vacation. They have fur inside, giving the ultimate comfort!

Crazy8 thermal shirts

Layer up

Dressing in layers is definitely important when dealing with colder weather. Since it is our first time in another state, we are not sure what to expect when it comes to the day to day weather especially if we’ll be out all day. We picked some thermal long sleeve shirts and a pull-over Sherpa windbreaker with a hoodie for my son. If it gets too hot he can take off the pull-over and stay with the warm thermal shirt. The lined track pants are perfect for the cold weather as they lined in jersey material – soft and comfortable!

Sherpa pull-over from Crazy8

Crazy8 coat

Must-have outerwear

Outerwear is definitely an important essential when dealing with colder weather. We decided on puffer jackets for both my son and daughter. We want to make sure they stay warm! Both jackets have multiple pockets so kids can hold their gloves or essentials. We wanted them to have hoodies to keep them extra warm.

Winter coats for Crazy8

Winter post for Crazy8

At the end of the day, we want our kids to be warm and comfortable. I’ve always been a huge fan of Crazy8 because of its great value and trendy clothes for kids. I’ll be picking up a few more items for our trip from Crazy8 soon. I like to go to the store with the kids so they can pick what they like. I know they both have their own individual style and I want them to express it. My daughter loves skirts and dresses while my son prefers activewear. I’m able to make them BOTH happy when we shop at Crazy8.

Crazy8 product close-up

What is your must-have item for winter?

Kids winter wardrobe essentials from crazy8



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