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Disclosure: I received LISTERINE® Brand products and a Walgreens gift card from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® Brand Totally Taken Care Of program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. #ListerineMom

Summer will soon be upon us which means lots of BBQ’s, family get togethers, and celebrating with friends/family. I love when my family gets together at the park or beach. I know we’re creating memories for all the little ones in the family – playing with their cousins, learning to play a sport, or splashing in the pool. I still remember doing all those things with my cousins when I was a little girl, now that we have kids of our own we get to experience it in a different way. Now that I’m a mom, I need to make sure I’m teaching my kids how to take care of their health. I want to make sure I educate my kids on oral health. We use LISTERINE® products to protect our mouth since it offers six unique benefits in one bottle!

My son is 6 years old and he notices everything so I try to teach him that taking care of our mouth is important. He can’t use the traditional mouthwash so he uses LISTERINE® SMART RINSE®. I know he is getting 12-hours of cavity protection, strengthens his teeth 99% more than brushing alone, and removes particles that may have been missed from brushing. It also helps prevent cavities! It makes me feel good knowing that I am teaching him to protect his teeth. He can show off those pearly white teeth all Summer long!

Using LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash has made a big difference in my family’s oral health. Going to the dentist is a not so scary task anymore. My family feels confident when we visit for our cleaning. We know that LISTERINE® Total Care offers six unique benefits in one bottle:

  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Restores enamel
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Kills bad breath germs
  • Cleans the whole mouth
  • Freshens breath

Isn’t it awesome? Just swashing your mouth for less than a minute and you are getting all those benefits! LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE ZERO and LISTERINE® SMART RINSE® are simple solutions that help you ensure all of your family’s mouths are Totally Taken Care Of this summer! Now that their mouths are covered, let’s make sure the rest of their little bodies are protected too! Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport SPF 70 offers protection from harmful UV-rays. The CoolDry spray is easy to apply for awesome coverage. There will be lots of running and jumping this Summer so for all those “boo-boos” they are bound to get – carry some Neosporin and Band-Aids to make it all better. Now your family will be all taken care of!

All of the LISTERINE® products as well as the Neutrogena, Neosporin, and Band-Aid bandages can be found at your local Walgreens. Walgreens has what you need to get you ready for Summer!


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