Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

I always wanted an outdoor playhouse when I was a little girl. I lived in New York in an apartment building so it wasn’t practical but I always said when I have a daughter, she’ll get one. Well, I had a little girl and she got her playhouse! It may sound totally cheesy but I spend a lot of time outside with my kids and that includes playing in the Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse. No shame here! My kids will only be little for so long and I want them to cherish all these memories – including mommy being silly!


About Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse in tan combines style and fun! Modern windows, arched doorway and brick details of this cottage play house make it the perfect first playhouse for any little one and provide hours of pretend play! It can be used outdoors or indoors, and parents will love the easy assembly!

The assembly was easy! My husband was able to set it up in about 15 mins! It was fast and thank God as our little princess wanted to play with it NOW! We set it up in our backyard near the pool area. It works great with the Little Tikes Adjust N’ Draw Table (no longer available). She is always coloring and drawing pictures which she then folds to put in her mailbox! I love that the house has real features like the mailbox, a place to put a flag, and moving windows and doors.

The house is surprisingly spacious. There has been 4 kids inside at once and they had room to wiggle around. There are 2 doors so they can easily enter and exit without tripping over each other. My daughter has put chairs inside to do a tea party with her dolls and she still has plenty of room for mommy. (I have to wiggle my way inside but I make it work! Ha, anything for my princess).

My son who is 6 years old calls the playhouse his pool house! My daughter isn’t haven’t it though! She quickly let’s him know its her princess house. There is never a dull moment with my children. The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse has created many fond memories for my kids which I am grateful for. My kids use it daily and I love that it shields them from the sun! They are well protected.

What is your favorite feature? Did you have a Playhouse growing up?

Disclosure: I received The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse in order to facilitate my review. All opinions stated here are my own. 


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