Museum of Discovery and Science – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Disclosure: I received free admission to facilitate my review but as always all opinions stated here are my own.

museumofds Is your child curious? Loves to learn about how things work? The Museum of Discovery and Science (Mods) will help answer your child’s questions with hands on interactive exhibits. There is so much to do and see at the Mods from the ecodiscovery center to an aviation station.

The first thing we saw when we arrived was a large, colorful installation art piece that seriously impressed my son. Lots of “oohs and ahhs” from him. The balls went through a cycle through the art piece. When we entered the entrance of the museum we opted to stay on the first level to see everything there first.

mods2We stopped at the aquarium to see all the different fish and sea life.

mods3We visit the area for smaller kids next which had a climbing area, bubble system, a tunnel, and so much more for kids to do. My son loved playing with the water boats and making bubbles.

MODS4My son loved the EcoDiscovery Section! Huge shark, airboat simulation ride, Otters, and the Prehistoric Florida section. The airboat ride was definitely fun and entertaining. The ride just moves while a large screen takes you through the Everglades. My son really thought we were on water!

mod5The next area we visited was the reptiles and insects – another favorite for my son. Snakes, turtles, alligators, spiders, and so many other insects for your curious child to see. It was nice to see the animals so close in their little environment.

mods6We trekked the stairs to see the Powerful You! series. Each exhibit showcases the amazing miracle of the human body featuring four zones: Powerful Pulse, Powerful Team, Powerful You, and The Cutting Edge. Powerful You! Series is presented by Broward Health.

mods7Across from the Powerful You! exhibit was the space and aero section of the museum. We were able to do another simulation ride but this time it was the Mars Rover. We all enjoyed the ride and learned a lot about how a typical mission may go.

mods8We got to visit the new exhibit called “Goosebumps”. “Through fun, interactive challenges, guests can experience fear in a safe environment and discover the science behind their physical and emotional responses.” We didn’t get to try all the exhibits in the Goosebump series but we got to try a few. We all did the shock exhibit – where we had to stick our finger and a little electric shock would strike our finger. It was a hurtful shock just a little tickle.

mods9The Museum has a lot more to see and we were able to cover everything in a few hours. We went on a Monday afternoon (school was out) and it was not crowded at all. Definitely a great place to take the family on a day the kids are off from school or just on a weekend if family is visiting. My husband and I both enjoyed it just as much as our 5 year old son! When our princess gets older we’ll take her exploring as well.

To learn more about the Museum of Discovery and Science visit them at

Disclosure: I received free admission to facilitate my review but as always all opinions stated here are my own.


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