Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump + Natural Baby Bottles

One of the essential items I used when my kids were babies was my breast pump. I knew I wanted my husband to be part of the feeding process. I also knew I would be returning to work in 3 months so starting a pumping schedule was important. I wanted my children to have the benefit of breast milk even if I had to lug a breast pump around at work. Philips Avent makes both manual and electronic breast pumps. Both of my kids took Avent bottles and we never had any issues when it came to bottle feeding.

About Philips Avent

Philips AVENT is a leader in parenting and baby products. The Philips AVENT product range includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, toddler feeding, baby monitors and newborn gifts.

The Comfort Manual Breast Pump has a unique, no leaning forward needed as milk flows from your breast even when sitting upright. No hunching over causing back pains! The massage cushion has a new soft velvety texture that gives a warm feeling to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. During pumping, it gently mimics your baby’s suckling for natural let down and clinically proven effectiveness. The soft massage cushion is designed to comfortably fit the majority of moms. Should you need it, a larger size cushion is available separately. The comfort breast pump is small and discreet enough to take where ever you go. It is also compatible with other Philips Avent products! You can easily use the Avent baby bottles to screw right onto the pump for ease.

Avent Baby Bottles have been my preferred bottle feeding product since it helped my sons gas. As a first time parent I tried all the bottles in the market to find the perfect one for my gassy, colicky son. Avent Baby bottles were the only brand that worked. When I had my daughter it was a new brainer to go straight to Avent. It was an ease bottle to transition when it was time to straight bottle feeding. The nipple closely resembles a women’s breast and made it a breeze to transition her when it was time to start bottle feeding. The bottles have an anti colic system with twin valves designed to reduce colic and discomfort. The bottles of BPA free. Comfortable to hold while feeding and easy to clean.

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