Silhouette Mint Guide for Beginners

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Learn how to use the Silhouette Mint with this step-by-step guide. Create your own custom stamps for all your needs. 
Silhouette Mint guide for starters

Did you know you can make custom stamps with the Silhouette Mint? I received the Silhouette Mint, and I couldn’t wait to try it out! There are so many possibilities with this little machine. I’m going to show how to use for the first time! Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop. I hope the Silhouette Mint Guide will help you make your own DIY stamps.

You’ll be making custom address labels, planner stamps, monograms, and so much more! You can even use your own designs!

The program is super simple to use too! The Mint comes with a CD in you can install on your computer or you can download it from the Silhouette website.

The first project I did was a stamp for my daughter. She is a little artist and is always painting or drawing pictures for people. I decided to make her a custom stamp that she can label her creations with.

Ok, so let’s get started.

Silhouette Mint Guide for Beginners

Supplies needed for making stamps with Silhouette Mint:

Silhouette Mint guide


Step 1: Install the Silhouette Mint software (either the CD included in the box or installing it from the website). Once the installation is complete, open the software. Sign in to your Silhouette Studio account to load your designs.

Step 2: Begin by selecting the stamp size you will be designing. Click the “Stamp settings” option to pick the stamp size you will need.

Silhouette Mint studio

Open the text tool (located on the left with the letter “A”) and type your required phrase or word. You can change the font by selecting the letter “A” in the right-hand side toward the top. You’ll see all the loaded fonts on your computer. This window allows you to change the spacing, size, and style of your phrase. Design the phrase the way you want.

If you want to add images from your library you can add them by clicking on the “book” icon on the left-hand side of the screen. You can also use Dingbats for images to use on your stamps. I love using Dingbats because they are simple and easy to add to your stamp template.

how to use the Silhouette Mint

Step 3: Set up your Mint Machine by plugging it into an outlet and the computer. Turn it on by clicking the power button on top of the machine.

Silhouette Mint stamp making

Step 4: When your design is ready, click the Mint button located on the top right-hand side of the screen. The Mint Studio will automatically mirror your design. Click “Start Mint” then insert the stamp size you are using into the back of your Mint machine. The machine will print the design for you and you will see it come out the front of the Mint.

Silhouette Mint Guide for Beginners

Silhouette Mint starter guide

Step 5: Fold the stamp along the perforated line and carefully remove the stamp. The stamp will have a film on top, you can remove that as well. Remove the adhesive backing on the stamp block and carefully place the stamp on top. It will snap into place.

Make your own stamps with silhouette Mint

Step 6: Using the Silhouette Mint ink, carefully place your desired color on your stamp. Squeeze the bottle gently.  Let the ink soak for about 5 minutes. Using a piece of scrap paper, stamp the excess ink until you see a clear image of your stamp design.

Custom stamp using silhouette Mint

Using the blank stickers, stamp your image so you know what your stamp design is and stick it on the cover of your stamp.

That’s it! You just made your own custom stamp!

Created with love stamp using Silhouette Mint

My daughter is so excited to stamp her artwork and her little creations. The stamps work on so many different materials so you are not limited to only paper.

Use the Mint to make address stamps to easily mail letters and postcards. Your envelopes will look so neat! My handwriting is not cute so I’ll be making some address stamps very, very soon!

What would you make with your Silhouette Mint? 

Mint guide for beginners



Post contains affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links. There is no additional cost to you. 

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