Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10

Disclosure: I received samples of the items below for inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide. Post does contain affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links.

stocking stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

LEGO BrickHeadz Elsa

This LEGO BrickHeadz version of Elsa from Disney Frozen is fun to build using colorful LEGO bricks that recreate all her iconic details, including flowing blond hair and blue dress, plus a buildable collector’s baseplate for easy display in your home, office or anywhere you like. Elsa stands on a unique buildable collector’s baseplate with BrickHeadz icon for easy display.

star wars millennium falcon microfighter


LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter

Zoom into action with the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter. This Star Wars toy features lots of authentic detailing, 2 stud shooters and space to seat the included Chewbacca Star Wars minifigure with his bowcaster. Measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (8cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide.
Ooly Pocket Pal Mini Journal


Pocket Pal Mini Journals

The Unique Unicorns Pocket Pals Journals are the magical pocket notebooks you need. Each set of Pocket Pals comes with 8 different looking notebooks each with a magical unicorn design. These lined mini notebooks are a great way for you to keep your notes with you at all times. Keep your to-do list, ideas, grocery lists or whatever you need to remember wherever you go. These pocket notebooks are truly pocket sized at 3.5 by 5 inches.

Unique unicorns scented erasers

Unique Unicorn Strawberry Scented Erasers

Discover a cuteness overload with Unique Unicorns scented pencil erasers. This set of 5 strawberry scented erasers come with 4 colorful unicorns and one really large rainbow eraser. Now you can erase pencil made mistakes with the magical scent of sweet strawberries.

3d Colorables – Magical Unicorn Coloring Toy

Color your own incredible unicorns with the Magical Unicorns 3D Colorables coloring toy. This fantastic coloring toy is made of paper and can inflate for a truly 3D experience. With Colorables, first add your own color using crayons, markers or colored pencils. Then inflate your unicorn toy with the included straw. Now you’ve got a fully 3D unicorn toy with your very own colors. Your kids will have endless hours of play and creation with inflatable toys of their own making. The magical Unicorn 3D Colorable is double sided, comes with paper wings that you can color and is 16 by 13 inches.
Big Bright Brush

Big Bright Brush Markers

Go big and wild with your next art project using these Big Bright Brush Markers! You can make thick or thin lines and the best part is, if you end up getting any marks on your hands or clothes, you can easily wash the marks away.

Unicorn Graphite Pencils


Unique Unicorn Pencils

Bring magic and beauty to the office and classroom with Unique Unicorn Graphite Pencils. This set of 12 pencils has 4 different unicorn designs adorned with all the pretty pastel colors you’d expect. No. 2 graphite.

Scratch & Scribble

Scratch and Scribble Scratch Art Kit

Go from just plain black to just plain beautiful in no time at all with Scratch and Scribble scratch art kits. Each kit has 4 illustrated Scratch and Scribble cards and an included scratching tool! Pick from fun and exciting designs, including: Fantastic Dragons, Magical Unicorns, Monster Pals, Space Dogs, Ocean Life and colorful Safari!


Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint Set

Giving watercolor projects a fresh shine and shimmer is now easier than ever. With this watercolor paint set of 12 blendable pearlescent colors, you can make up an infinite amount of new colors on the spot, each with a fun metallic sheen. All you need is a splash of water, some Chroma Blends watercolor paper, and your imagination!


smooshy mushy

Smooshy Mushy Besties 3 in 1 Blind Box

Each Radz 3in1 Surprise box comes with a 0.7 oz. of candy, a pop-out collector card, and a surprise Smooshy Mushy bestie charm and bracelet. There are 13 surprise charms to collect from Smooshy Mushy’s Bakies, Sweeties and Munchies Bestie Series. These super sweet blind boxes can be found with the confectionary items at the check lanes of all Walmart stores nationwide.

Poopeez Series 1 Porta Potty Multi Pack Squishy Collectible Toy

There’s nothing better than an unused porta potty! These tiny turds are making a big splash as the Porta Potty Multi-Pack comes with 6 characters, including 2 exclusive characters not available anywhere else. Contains 1 Porta Potty case to store your Poopeez.

Bananas Collectible Toy 3-Pack Bunch

Smell-able, Peel-able Bananas™ from Cepia, LLC are an exciting new collectible line of six brightly colored and scented Bananas that look, smell and peel like a real banana! Peel the Bananas™ to reveal tons of mini surprises inside, including a cute Crushie character, two mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers to decorate the Crushie or Banana, a collector sheet with character stickers, and a hanging vine to display your Crushie friends.

Party Popteenies – Double Surprise Popper, with Confetti, Collectible Mini Doll and Accessories

It’s a party x 2! The Double Surprise Popper lets you pull, twist, pop and pop again! With twice the party fun, you can add an exclusive Party Popteenie, an adorable pet and cute party accessories to your Party Popteenies collection! To begin, simply pull your poppers apart. You’ll find the first layer of surprises: mini accessories and a cute pet! Then, pull each popper’s wrapper back and twist until you hear a pop! Inside one popper, you’ll find a collectible doll! Inside the other, you’ll find an adorable accessory! The Double Popper creates a totally insta-worthy moment that starts your party!

Zuru 5 Surprise Miniature Toy Mystery Ball

What’s inside your 5 Surprise? unwrap, peel, and reveal these cool capsules and find 5 Surprise toys inside everyone! what 5 toys will you unbox? these pink and blue capsules combine the excitement of unboxing with the thrill of collectible toys! each capsule contains 5 segments sealed for a big reveal. Every Segment contains a different toy from a massive range of over 300 awesome toys! pink capsules feature over 150 amazing toys including cute color changing mermaids and plants, dress up princesses, Super slime and putty, funky DIY jewelry, stationery, accessories and much more! the possibilities are endless and the unboxing fun never stops with 5 Surprise!

Heix hyperballHelix Hyperball

Kids can throw extreme distances and take their skills to next-level awesomeness with the Helix Hyperball, new from YULU. The 2.5-inch diameter round Hyper Ball can travel over 150 feet at super hyper speeds! With the unique swing and fling play pattern, kids are able to swing the ball while holding the tab to gain momentum and then launch it into the air! Master trick shots such as Double Swing, Saturn Shot, Ninja Swing and more. Helix Hyperball is available in red, green and blue.

sticky the poo
Sticky the Poo

Meet Sticky the Poo from Hog Wild! This poo sticks. . . to the floors, the walls, even the ceiling!! Grip, shape and throw it around, just like the monkey’s doo! It’s super squishy, sticky surface and moldable middle let it “splat” and stick to just about any flat surface. Then pull it off and start all over again. Available in three different faces; collect and “splat” them all!

TOMY Stink Bomz

Despite his cute looks, he has a bit of a mean streak. He uses his baby face to try and fool people, but his deep voice will give him away if he’s not careful. You may be tempted to give him a hug, but be warned, his biting odor is definitely worse than his bark.

Wild Republic Mini Unicorn Hearts


Pink Hearts Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Majestic and magical, our unicorn stuffed animal looks like it came right out of your favorite fairy tale Irresistibly soft fabrics are perfect for petting and cuddling. Multi-colored mane and tail and embroidered heart beauty mark adds style.

Smashy Mashy

Squish doesn’t have to be ALL cute! Smooshy Mushy introduces Smashy Mashy. Caution! Open up your super-goo-filled container but watch out! A Smashy Mashy character and its disgusting, spoiled buddy are lurking inside. So disgustingly squishy! Available in characters such as an ‘out of this world’ alien, a ‘far out’ hippie llama, and more. You can collect loads of smelly Smashy Mashy characters.

Disney Lip & Nail Set with Stickers Kids Beauty

Throw a party or give a gift of an officially licensed Disney Princess cosmetic kit. Set includes: Lip gloss, nail polish and nail stickers. Each item in these kits is decorated with images of everyone’s favorite Disney Princesses. Non-toxic and water-based formula makes these cosmetics safe for your young ones aged three years old and older.

crayola slyme

Crayola Slyme

Crayola slyme is smooth, fresh and full of glitter for hours of mixing. Available in blue, purple, orange, red or green, the colours are beautifully bright! the tub is the shape of the famous Crayola crayons which keeps the slime dry! individual tubs of 150 grams


Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Starter Pack

Welcome to the next evolution of the yo-yo, Hyper Cluster. With the Hyper Cluster Diamond Eyes Speed/Control Yo-Yo Starter Pack, you can do more than just tricks. Now you CUSTOMIZE the look and performance of your yo-yo with nearly endless combinations! Building a Hyper Cluster is simple: Select Skins, Choose a Core, and CRANK IT! to assemble. All parts are compatible and can be swapped to change the performance and look of your Hyper Cluster. The Hyper Cluster Diamond Eyes Speed/Control Yo-Yo Starter Pack has everything you need to get started: two Speed Skins, a Control Core with a precision bearing, an instruction sheet and a Cluster Cable (high-performance yo-yo string).

Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet Power Pac Figures

Now you can collect your favorite Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet characters in Series 1. Each character pack is different and you’ll be surprised as to which character you’ll get. Plus, add these characters to the PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze App for added play!
Good Lab

Brainstem Goo Lab

Become a mad scientist and Experiment with Goo Lab! Glow putty glows in the dark, and is hours of creative fun with no sticky putty residue. Place in direct sunlight for 30 minutes to unlock the glow! Collect them all! Find in Target stores.
his awesome bow set comes with two collectible bows! One for you and one for your BFF! Collect all ten today! Find at your nearest Target stores.

JoJo Mini Bows

JoJo Siwa Mystery Bows 2 Surprise Bows Inside

This awesome bow set comes with two collectible bows! One for you and one for your BFF! Collect all ten today! Get at your nearest Target store!

Unicorn Poo Goo



Poo Goo Unicorn Poo

Unicorns are magical and beautiful creatures, and so is their poop. Bottle it up with Poo Goo Unicorn Poo! Available in four color combinations, this slimy substance has a shimmery metallic look and a fun scent. Found in Target stores.

squee zoo balls Narwhal-Tag



They’re so squishy, so fluffy, and so cute! They’re Squee-Zoo-Balls, animal balls with a slow-rise foam inside so that you can give them lots of squeezes and squishes. There are eight to collect, including an owl, a unicorn, a fox, a cow, a pig, a dog, a hedgehog, and a narwhal. Each ball is six inches wide and sold separately. Pick one up at your local Target stores.



Squish ‘Ums Skull Series and Yummy Series

Feel the squish with new Squish ‘Ums. Available in a Yummy Series and a Skull Series, kids who like slow-rise collectibles can now collect even more of these fun-to-squeeze toys. Each one comes packaged in a blind bag, so you’ll have to open it up to find out which toy is inside.

Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles

Get kids excited about bath time with Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles! Kids will love exploring all of the different ways to make them crackle. Listen to them POP and SNAP when you pour them into water and feel them tingle and fizz on your hands in the tub! Swirl them around in your bath water to hear them crackle even louder.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Honestly Margot Helena Plum lip balm

Honestly Margot Helena Plum Lip Balm

We can’t replace your smile (we wouldn’t want to), but we can enhance it, thanks to these luscious, all-natural lip glosses. Filled with replenishing oils to help keep your lips in great condition, they come in a range of shades that will take your smile from bright to seductive, depending on your mood!

Honestly Margot Vapor Balm

Honestly Margot Serenity Vapor Balm

Serenity Vapor Balm is a convenient soothing balm in a large stick to use for relief of colds, congestion, headaches, and stress. Made with organic ingredients. Contains menthol, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus for great results!


Sally Hansen – Complete Salon Manicure Nail Color

Be elegant, beautiful, and classy with gorgeous assortments of Sally Hansen’s nudes and pinks. You can never go wrong with a nude and will always end up looking polished. (Literally). No time to hit the nail salon? No Problem!

7th heaven mask

7th Heaven Charcoal and Black Sugar Peel Off Mask

The 7th Heaven Charcoal and Black Sugar Peel Off Mask by Montagne Jeuness takes cleansing activated charcoal to draw out deep down dirt and impurities and mixes it with a spoonful of Black sugar to revitalize, hydrate and smooth. You’ll feel squeaky clean and sensationally soft. Use weekly for healthy and glowing skin.

7th heaven men mask


7th Heaven Men’s Deep Pore Cleansing Peel Off

The 7th Heaven Men’s Deep Pore Cleansing Peel Off Masque from Montagne Jeunesse digs the dirt out of your pores with deeply cleansing sea salt and the zing of natural spearmint for a smoother, cleaner complexion.




Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Teeth Whitening Pen

The Colgate Optic White 360º Toothbrush + Whitening Pen is an easy way to whiten teeth. The Colgate Optic White Whitening Pen fits inside the toothbrush handle, so you won’t forget to make it part of your daily routine. Get 5 shades whiter teeth, starts working in just 1 day.* It is as easy as. ..Brush. Whiten. Go. Brush your teeth with regular toothpaste and the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush, apply the whitening gel, and go—no mess, no waiting, no rinsing!














Disclosure: I received samples of the items below for inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide. Post does contain affiliate links. It just means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links.

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