Tips on Playing Video Games with Your Kids

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Tips on playing video games with kids

Playing video games was always big in my house. Growing up, my dad always bought me and my sister the latest video game console. We bonded over video games weekly. I looked forward to our weekly gaming session. We laughed a lot and celebrated our victories. When I had children of my own, I knew I would play video games with them.

Video games are so advanced nowadays with so many ways to communicate with other players around the world! My kids play with their aunt in Seattle all the time using Turtle Beach® Recon 200 gaming headset. I love that they have a way to bond with family in a fun way. The headset has a rechargeable battery-powered amplification  giving up to 12 hours of game time. Bass boost really makes you feel like you are part of the game!

Tips on Playing Video Games with Your Kids

Find the Video Game that Works for Your Family.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of video games. Find the video game that works for you and your child. If role playing and strategy are what excites you, then play those games with you kid. There are so many different genres of games which is what makes it fun for the entire family! We love playing Mario Bros., Splatoon, and Minecraft. We also play board games on the video console. The kids and I also love games that get us moving like, Just Dance.

Make it a Family Challenge.

My son can be very competitive but when we play together I show him that parents can be competive too! I challenge him to a duel all the time and he wins sometimes, but I win sometimes too. It keeps him humble. It gives me the opportunity to teach him that he is not always going to be the best at everything but as long as he tries his best – that is all that matters to me.

Tips on Playing Video Games with Your Kids

A Fun Way to Bond with Your Kids.

Let your child pick the game they want to play then play with them! Sometimes he may pick a game that only has 1-play mode so we’ll typically take turns. We give each other pointers on how we can perform better. There are times I’ll just keep him company while he plays. It gives us a chance to catch up after a long week. We’ll laugh and tease each other when we lose. I look forward to gaming with him because we have so much fun together.

Limit Video Game Time.

Limiting play time helps set boundaries. If I let me son he would play all day long. I know many parents can relate. We have rules that need to be followed before video games are allowed. Homework and chores need to be completed before anyone touches the video game consoles. We allow them to play two hours a day on weekends with breaks in between.

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Do you play video games with your kids? 

Tips Playing video games with your children


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