Essentials for Traveling with Kids

Disclosure: I received the items below to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own.
traveling1The idea of traveling sounds wonderful, I love it. The problem is that it takes some planning – booster seats, entertainment, and organization is a must when traveling with children. This summer we did more “staycations” going to the amusement parks here in Florida. Driving to Tampa and Orlando is still a three hour drive for us. My kids are 6 and 2 so they need their carseats/booster seats when we travel. My kids always end up bring toys for the ride – coloring books, reading books, crayons, dolls, or bracelets(my daughter loves them!). We like to keep the cars organized as we’re already traveling with luggage bags so having an organizer helps a lot!


Bubble Bum
An inflatable booster seat – genius! How convenient is this for traveling? BubbleBum is for kids 4-11 and come in colors suitable for boys and girls! It keeps kids safe and comfortable in the car as they going from school, sports, or traveling long distances. It easily fits in a backpack or large purse weighing less than a pound. It is easy to inflate and deflate offering easy transportation. If You carpool kids to and from school or sports games, the Bubble Bum allows three seats to fit in the back seat! BubbleBum ($29.99) is sold online at their website and is also available in Walmart stores and select Target stores nationwide.


Keeping the car clean and neat can be difficult when kids want to bring their toys. My kids tend to leave a stray crayon (which by the way melted in my upholstery!). Having an organizer that can held everything is essential because let’s face it sometimes it is difficult to keep babies and toddler occupied on long road trips. The backseatORGANIZER is and awesome item to store extra wipes, toys and books to keep kids busy while traveling. They come in two neutral colors which will match any car color scheme. It was quick to set up and a breeze to remove if needed. The Prince Lionheart backseatORGANIZER can be found online at here.

I always make sure to bring activity kits like coloring books, reading books, DVD players, and snacks to keep them busy during the ride. I also like to bring their favorite music CD’s which right now is the Disney Frozen soundtrack! They love it and it keeps them entertained.


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