Turtle Beach Recon 70 – The Gaming Headset for all Gamers!

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gaming console headsetsVideo games have always been a big part of my families life especially now that my kids are older. The kids love playing Fortnite on their devices – my son usually plays on the XBox One or PS4. Using headphones are a must when you are trying to communicate with friends or teammates. Having the right headsets can make a big difference in your gaming performance. Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headsets are perfect for any gamer as they work with any console and mobile/tablet devices that have a 3.5 mm connection.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headphones

Turtle Beach Gaming headset

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headphones are compatible with PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices using the 3.5 mm connection. These latest gaming headphones offer gamers a lightweight design perfect for hours of comfortable play. The high-quality sound makes them perfect for all types of games giving crisp clear sound every time. I love the cushion that the headphones provide on my ears especially when gaming for long periods of time.

The gaming headphones make it easy to communicate with friends with the attached microphone. It allows sound to be heard clearly while still blocking background noise. This is definitely important in my house because it tends to get a little noisy with my German Shepherd who barks at any noise she hears. When the mic is not needed just flip it up to mute! There are times that I play without using the mic so it is nice I can just flip it out of the way.

PS4 Gaming headset

I tend to play late at night when the kids go to bed so the Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headset has become my best friend! I can easily communicate with my gaming buddies and hear everything clearly.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

The Turtle Beach Recon 50 is the #1 selling wired headset making the Recon 70 an outstanding entry-level headset and a worthy successor. Turtle Beach is known for its quality console headsets since they first introduced it to the gaming market in 2005 changing the way we game. Turtle Beach has gaming headsets for all types of players whether casual play or the hardcore gamer.

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Do you use a headset when you play video games?

Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headphones




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