South Florida Look for Your Valpak Envelope in Your Mailbox

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I am all about saving money whenever I can, now that we’re a one-income family, I look for all the savings I can get. There are many ways to save money on groceries, dining, and household services. Besides getting the Sunday newspaper, many companies include coupons in the city savings magazines, or by including them in the Valpak envelope that you receive in your mailbox if you live in South Florida. The Valpak envelope is filled with many savings and coupons for a variety of service and products.

Valpak envelope

The Valpak envelope is filled with many savings from household services and restaurant coupons to now including great grocery savings and coupons for everyday household items. The envelope should be coming in your mailboxes. Be sure to look through them as there are some great coupons. Here are some examples as to what you can expect:

  • $10 off Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts at Walmart
  • Free $20 gift card with purchase of $45 Sam’s Club membership

Valpak coupons

Valpak coupons

The envelope is packed with fantastic savings and coupons. We shop at BJ’s often because I tend to buy the kids snacks, cold cuts, and large bulk meats from there. The membership really pays for itself after a few uses! The $20 gift card offer will go a long way if you are signing up as a new member.

Valpak envelope savings

If you do not receive the Valpak envelope in your mailbox, you can check to see some coupons and savings for your specific area. You can print the coupon that is needed, for example, dining coupons for local restaurants in your area. Of course, this applies to grocery coupons that are available online as well. You are able to print what coupons or savings you need. Just enter your zip code to get the savings you need.

Have you used the Valpak savings and coupons? 

Valpak savings and coupons

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