WaterWipes – Not Just for Babies!

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I’ll admit it. My “baby” is 4 years old and I still use baby wipes. My little four year old can get into some really big messes so it is important that I have wipes handy. I recently started using WaterWipes – and love, love how gentle it is for our babies delicate skin. Not all baby wipes are made the same and I realized that when my daughter was a baby. She has really sensitive skin and suffers from eczema. There were times when it would sting her when I would pass a wipe on irritated areas. I had to switch to washcloths when she was having a flare-up. But now I have WaterWipes!

WaterWipes is chemical-free and contains just two ingredients –  99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract! I am so glad that I now have these wipes to use on my kids. I always have a pack in the car and at home. My kids love exploring – I definitely don’t want to take them away from that – but in the process they come back with dirty hands. I easily whip out a WaterWipes and get them cleaned up in 1,2,3. They also can do it themselves and I don’t have to worry about them getting alcohol in their eye. By the way, it also is awesome at removing eye makeup!



When my daughter gets all messy eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie I have no worries because I can easily clean it up with a WaterWipe. The wipes are really durable but yet so soft. It is the perfect balance that a wipe should have. Gentle enough for those with different skin conditions and even those little scratches or cuts our little ones get.


You can find WaterWipes at your local Target store right in the baby wipes aisle.

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