Winter Family Travel Essentials

Survive your winter family travel vacation with these essentials!

winter family vacation essentials
For a Floridian like myself (I consider myself Floridian now that I’ve lived here 10 years!), winter is like 2 days out of the year. When we decided that we were going to Tennessee for winter break, we knew we needed to get everything to prepare for the cold days. Our vacation was a week long – 4 adults and 4 kids. We rented a gorgeous wood cabin with a game room, sauna, jacuzzis, and so much more. The views were amazing and the experience unforgettable!

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Winter Family Travel Essentials


We knew that there was a big possibility that we would see snow. Snow boots and hiking boots were on my must-have list. We were potentially going to see below 30 degrees and snow so we needed functional footwear that would keep our toes warm and fuzzy. Which is where JambuKD came to the rescue! The kids got super warm snow boots that could withstand any temperature! And did I mention how adorable they look? Warm, functional, and waterproof! The kind of footwear you want when you are going on a winter vacation with snow, water, and cold weather. I recommend JambuKD Nydia for girls and Baltoro for boys. For warmth and comfort, Lamo Footwear kid’s classic boot would be perfect!

  • For adults: I recommend Lamo Footwear Taylor. They were awesome for hikes and my feet were SO warm!


When heading to areas like Tennessee, layering is essential. We had some days where it was 30 degrees then the next day a warmer 50 degrees. The weather is unpredictable, to say the least. Wearing long sleeves, sweatshirt, and a coat was what I wore. The kids had the same attire. If it wasn’t so cold we would leave out heavy coats in the van. Picking materials that are warm and comfortable will be a BIG difference with the kids. It was my kids first time facing really cold temperature so I wanted them to have a great experience. Using fleece zip-up sweaters, soft cotton long-sleeve shirts, and coats with a hoody made a big difference. One thing to consider is getting a longer length coat to help keep your thighs warmer during those chilly days.


Hats, gloves, and scarves should definitely get packed. We actually bought 2 pairs of gloves – snow gloves and regular fleece/cotton gloves. We knew the kids would probably play with the snow so waterproof gloves were a must! If you are going snow tubing, skiing, snowboard, or any other snow-related activities – snow gloves will come in really handy. I used my winter hat a lot! It rained a few times while we were doing some activities and the hat was a lifesaver! Kept my head warm and dry! Can we talk about how important socks are? Guys, buy the long socks! nice comfortable long socks! Don’t forget thermals for under clothes! Even if you just bring 1 pack.

You will be prepared to take on all your family winter travel. These essentials will help you with everything you need to have a worry-free vacation. I always say it is better to have the clothing you need for a cold day than a warm day. You can always remove clothing but it is hard to stay warm if you pack lightly. Many destinations are places that have snow – be prepared! If traveling with kids – pack thermal clothing for under their clothes. My kids wore thermals the first two days of our vacation because it was cold and the wind chill made it feel even colder!

What is your favorite winter vacation destination?

winter family travel essentials


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