5 Must Have Style Items for Back to School

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5 Must Have Style Items for Back to School

Schools in session! Ok, maybe not yet but it is coming. I look forward to back to school shopping every year, some may call me crazy but I enjoy buying cute shirts and the latest denim styles for my kids. There are some clothing items that are essential when buying Back to School clothing. I share my 5 Must Have Style Items for Back to School shopping below. Are there some items that you would include in the list? All the essentials I need for my kids came be found at Crazy 8 in store or online. 

Crazy 8 Back to school denim promotion

1. Denim, denim, denim

Denim is essential in any kids wardrobe. It came be worn every day and withstanding all our kids throw at them. Crazy 8 has so many different washes and styles to choose from. My daughter tends to be on the slim side so I love the adjustable elastic. My daughter loves the jeggings – I think it is because they are so soft and comfy! We paired Crazy 8 jeans with a cute colorful top that is perfect for parties or night time festivities. She also wore the same jeans with a cute top she can wear to school or the park.

Crazy 8 denim

Crazy 8 denim

2. Cool Tops

Having different options for t-shirts is essential for back to school. Having your favorite characters or sayings is cool. My daughter loves colorful and bright shirts while my son likes plain or shirts with his favorite characters. Buy shirts that are plain but also get some fun styles that your kids would love wearing.

Crazy 8 Marvel t-shirt

Crazy 8 back to school

3. Hip Backpacks

Backpacks are probably what most kids are concerned with, right? Let them pick what they want! I know as parents we are thinking “practical” but sometimes a backpack can really make them look forward to school starting. Gets them excited! I let both of my kids pick their backpack. Crazy 8 has some really cute trendy backpacks for kids.

Crazy 8 backpacks for back to school

4. Trendy Footwear

New shoes are always on the list of essentials. Starting school on the right foot! My son is on a sneaker kick and only wants to wear sneakers. My daughter loves sandals and we’re lucky enough to live in Florida where it is warm all year.

Crazy 8 sneakers

Crazy 8 back to school shoes

5. Accessories

Baseball caps, hair bows, bracelets, sunglasses, and necklaces complete any outfit. I like to buy a few different accessories that can go with multiple outfits. My son is a baseball player so he loves his caps! My daughter loves having accessories in her hair. Oh, and the jewelry – she loves wearing them.

crazy 8 back to school clothes

Crazy 8 Back to school denim

Get your back to school shopping early with Crazy 8. They have everything you need to get your kids back to school gear!

Crazy 8 Back to school

About Crazy 8

Crazy 8 is a children’s clothing brand that makes fun, fashion-forward, age appropriate clothes for children 6 months to 14 years old. We know that life is crazy, 8 days a week, so we give parents real deals on cool clothes, that kids love to wear – making shopping easy and fun!

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What is your favorite Back to school style from Crazy 8?

5 Must Have Style Items for Back to School from Crazy 8












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