Affordable Athletic Styles from Target

affordable workout clothes from Target

January. A time for resolutions and goals. Many of us may have goals to lose weight or eat healthier. I’m not going to lie but losing weight is definitely one of my goals for this year. Working from home has its perks but it also means you are sitting a lot. My goal is to do at least one physical activity outdoors every day whether it is taking a walk with the kids, biking around the neighborhood, or running the track at the park. Many of my workout clothes do not fit anymore so I’ve been looking for affordable workout clothing. Target always has the cutest athletic styles!

Cute Affordable Workout Clothes

Target athletic gear
The mornings tend to be a little cooler here in Florida so I like wearing long sleeves and longer workout pants. The C9 Cowlneck pullover is my favorite and I love how comfortable it is to walk or jog when I wear it. If I workout during the afternoon, the weather is way warmer and I like putting out jogging shorts. They are so comfortable and make it easier to move around.

Target athletic gear
Comfortable shoes are definitely a must when walking, jogging, or just working out. Target as some affordable athletic shoes for less than $35! The reviews have been positive on the website. Every time I visit the store they are always out of my size. I like to try on sneakers before I buy them. Hopefully, I can find them soon!

Athletic Gear from Target

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Wearing sports bras are a must when I am working out. Do you wear them? They make moving easier for me. I also wear those waist trimmers everytime I work out. Have you tried them? My stomach is drenched with sweat every single time I use it. Makes me feel good! Like I’m really doing something right, because sweating is good right?

Below are the lists of all the products in the pictures

C9 Mesh Capri Leggings, Grey
Wine Texture Leggings, Purple
C9 Run Shorts, Midnight Blue
C9 Embrace Capri Leggings, Black
C9 Blocked Leggings, Purple
Champion Tank Top, Black
JoyLab Follow Your Joy Tank Top
C9 Cowlneck Pullover, Grey
C9 Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Lilac
JoyLab Twist Front Tank, White
C9 Asymmetrical Fleece Jacket
C9 Strappy Back Sports Bra
C9 Athletic Shoes, Black/White
C9 Athletic Shoes, Burgundy

We’re going to shine this year! 2018 is the year! We’re going to look damn fine in our stylish workout clothes thanks to the affordable clothes from Target.

Do you shop for athletic/workout clothes in Target? 

Affordable athletic clothes from target


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