American Girl Bitty Twins – Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure – I was provided with the products below to facilitate my review. All opinions stated here are my own.


Growing up I always felt my name was difficult for many people and wondered why I had such a hard name to pronounce. One day my mom brought me an American Girl catalog that had a doll named “Felicity”. I couldn’t believe it – someone had a name similar to mine. I loved the doll and read the book. Felicity really made me embrace my name. American Girl has always been a brand that I know I can trust, making little girls feel like they can be anyone they want to be. Making dolls that look similar to us – curly hair, green eyes, and tan skin – growing up there were no dolls that looked like me. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I am so happy that the Bitty Twins collection is perfect for her. American Girl truly is a gift that will be cherished for years to come, making it the perfect gift this Holiday season.


About American Girl Bitty Twins

The on-the-go Bitty Twins® offer so many ways to mix and match! Choose skin tone, hair color, and gender to create your favorite pair. They come with full outfits, hair for styling, and a special book. These 15-inch dolls are for ages 3 and up.


The Bitty Twins come with a little book about sharing. The perfect little story for my toddler as she is in the “No, MINE!” stage. The twins come in adorable matching outfits with cute little shoes. American Girl also provided us with a matching set for my daughter and the girl doll which is perfect nightgown for the holidays. It is their “Dress Like Your Doll” set where your child can wear the same outfit as their dolls. They have pj’s and play time outfits.


The moment my daughter saw the two dolls she grabbed them and gave them a big hug. She has a double jogging stroller for dolls so she placed both of them in it to take them for a ride. I hear her mention a few times that they were going to the circus, the park, and movie theater. I love how American Girl can get little girls to pretend play. I encourage both of my kids to pretend play. My daughter has her little tea sets and play kitchen that she loves to play with.


Playing with dolls teach her to be nurturing and kind. Those are traits I want her to have. I hear her sometimes say, “Ok, time to eat!” or “Time to clean up!”. She picks up on a lot of the things I say to her then she pretends to do the same with her dolls. She loves changing the Bitty Twins’ outfits – I love that it is easy for her to do on her own.

My thoughts: The American Girl Bitty Twins are perfect for my toddler and I encourage parents to get the Bitty twins if your child is on the younger side as the American Girl dolls are for 8+ years old. I like toys that benefit my kid – I don’t like buying useless toys. My daughter has been constantly playing with the twins – changing them, brushing their hair, and pretending with them. With all the additional accessories that American Girl makes – I know my daughter will cherish these dolls for many, many more years. I live close to Miami and can’t wait to take my daughter to the store! Definitely recommend!

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