Back to School Guide

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Back to school guide

It is that time of year again! Back to school will be here in a few short weeks (in Florida) and many are already buying school supplies. My youngest is heading to Kindergarten this year which feels so bittersweet to me. They grow up too fast! I wanted to share some of my favorite items for back to school. The Back to School guide will help you find the newest and coolest products for kids. Some of the products may be new to you but I promise they are awesome!


Crayola Silly ScentsCrayola has a  new line of scented art tools that will bring added silly fun, creativity, and dimension to kids’ school projects and artwork. Combining nose-tingling scents in a cool, colorful line of crayons, markers and colored pencils, Crayola Silly Scents art tools come ready to scribble and sniff. All products within the line feature vibrant and bold colors that are non-toxic and come in a whimsical pack adorned with Silly Scents characters. Crayola Silly Scents Markers: Available in fine and broad line with a variety up to 28 scents, Crayola Silly Scents Markers are washable and feature vibrant colors and sweet-smelling scents ranging from Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Root Beer. Crayola Silly Scents Twistables Crayons: Available in 12 and 24 count, Crayola Silly Scents Twistable Crayons include scents like Fruit Punch, Licorice, and Coconut and contain a range of brilliantly colored, scented tools with a twist-up barrel that eliminates the need to sharpen tips or peel labels, fostering continuous creativity.

BicBic writing instruments

BIC has a variety of pens and pencils that are perfect for back to school season.

  • BIC’s fastest drying retractable gel pen, Gel-ocity, is now available in a range of bright, fun colors.
  • The BIC Velocity pencil features a soft gel grip that molds to your hand and provides smooth, dark writing. The BICVelocity also has a 75% larger eraser for more erasing power.
  • The well-known BIC 4-Color is now available with 3 inks + 1 pencil. An efficient writing utensil that can allow you to take colorful notes, edit and sketch!
  • New Intensity Fineliner, is the perfect pen for writing doodling and coloring. The sleek collection is available in a variety of pack sizes and an assortment of colors.

TrackR PixelTrackR Pixel

It happens every year to me – my kid loses his (insert item here) every single time. Guys, there is a solution now! Introducing TrackR Pixel. TrackR pixel is an easy way to find misplaced items using your smartphone. It’s a small, lightweight Bluetooth tracker that rings and lights up so you can find anything, even in the dark. If you can’t find your phone, just press the button on TrackR pixel to make it ring loudly – even on silent. Bye, bye are the days that your child’s backpack is lost. Family Sharing lets you share TrackR devices with multiple people. Set up a group and connect everyone to the TV remote, a tablet – even the family pet. Available in an array of fun seasonal colors. Learn more.

Olika 2-in-1 Hand SanitizerOLIKA by Birdie

Meet Birdie, the first 2-in-1 hand sanitizer ergonomically designed to fit in your hand. Soothing natural essential oils and nourishing aloe vera leave hands soft and refreshed. Plus, the 10 dry wipes in his base help with dirt and grime—just spray with our sanitizer to create a fresh towelette on-the-go! Perfect for little hands who are heading back to school. Birdie’s formulation, containing 7 naturally derived ingredients, makes him a cut above the rest. His germ killing power comes from corn. Learn more.

eeboo Flowerbed Backpackeeboo flowerbed backpack

A durable and water-resistant backpack in a versatile size. With adjustable straps and roomy main compartment, this knapsack is perfect for kids or grown-ups who are young at heart. A beautiful pattern of embroidered flowers makes this backpack stand out in a crowd! Bonus: plenty of space for monogramming on flap.

• Water-resistant
• Front zipper pocket with decorative embroidery
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Write-on interior name tag
• Main compartment has zipper closure and fold-over flap has 2 magnetic closures
• Interior zipper pocket for secret notes or valuables

eeBoo Simple Math Lottoeeboo simple math lotto

Build on early math skills with this fun-to-play Math Lotto game. Simple Math Lotto is cleverly designed with double sided boards—children can choose to solve addition or subtraction math problems, even in the same game! Draw a tile and reveal a number. Does it answer a problem on your board? A little mental math will make it clear! Be the first player to fill their lotto board to win! Printed in vibrant colors and illustrated with animal friends for easy counting. Product Benefits: – Great for playing with children at different math levels – Not a racing game, children are given time to problem solve for the right answer – Each numbered tile is illustrated so early learners can practice counting and visualize solutions to simple math problems


Kudo BanzKudo Banz

Kudo Banz works like a sticker chart, but it goes on your child’s wrist so it is always there when you need it. It teaches kids to listen without yelling so families can spend time more positively. It motivates kids through the use of positive reinforcement, which is the proven method that doctors and experts swear by. Kudo Banz gets your little one excited about better listening and the easy-to-use app makes it magically come to life. Finally, a parenting tool that works, so that you can get back to the parenting moments that matter most.

Epic!Epic! kid books

Epic! provides an unlimited selection of eBooks that can be instantly discovered, read and shared with friends. Personalized for each individual reader, Epic! is the only place to access thousands of high quality, curated children’s books without the need to purchase or download them one by one. Beautifully designed for mobile and featuring fun, game-like elements, Epic! provides kids with a personal library they can take anywhere. In a world of unlimited screen time, Epic! is a smart alternative to games and videos. Epic! is available on all iOS and Android devices.

Culturelle Kids
Culturelle Kids probiotic

Help keep your kids healthy with the ingredients in Culturelle Kids Packets the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand. Culturelle Kids daily probiotic contains Lactobacillus GG, which works naturally with your child’s body to help support both immune and digestive health.* These safe and effective packets can be easily added to your child’s favorite food or beverage to help keep them happy and healthy.* Learn more

  • Supports a child’s health by fostering the proper balance of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract*
  • Helps support kids’ immune systems*
  • Works naturally with your child’s body*
  • Culturelle® Kids Daily Probiotic Packets are easy to take (especially for little ones)
  • Contains none of the following: gluten,  dairy, lactose, milk, added colors, preservatives, yeast or soy

BEDDI Charge alarm clock BEDDI Charge alarm clock

BEDDI Charge is not just an alarm clock, but also a night light to keep little ones feeling safe in the dark. With two different settings, BEDDICharge can provide a white night light or a multicolored mood night light. As a child powers up for the next day, they can also charge their electronic devices with the 3 provided USB ports. As their morning alarm comes alive, the alarm sound will gradually fade in creating a soothing wake-up experience. The 3 charging USB ports are great for your tablets, smartphones, smart watches and other devices.

Mabel’s Labels
Mabel's labels back to school


Start the school year off right! This classic best-seller includes all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep your things out of the lost and found. Perfect for backpacks, lunch containers, clothes, pencil cases and so much more, these labels are a must have on your back-to-school shopping list!



Faber-Castell Connector Pens faber-castell connector pens

50 vibrant colored markers in a convenient storage bucket. But these just aren’t any ordinary markers, Connector Pens have unique connector caps and clips to bring your art off the page! Create your drawings and use the Connector Pens to build and “sculpt” your pictures into dimensional creations! Connector Pens feature bright, washable colors, sturdy nibs and non-toxic food grade dyes in the inks.

  • LONG LASTING COLOR: Re-hyrdratable ink! Connector Pens are made with water-based ink that allows you to rejuvenate your markers by just dipping the nib into water
  • CONNECT YOUR COLORS: Exclusive Connector Pen Caps and Clips offer endless opportunities to make dimensional sculptures from your drawings. The pens also “click” together for easy storage
  • HANDY STORAGE BUCKET: Keep your pens organized with the Connector Pen Bucket! Great for art on-the-go 

Faber-Castell EcoPencils

faber-castell ecopencils for back to school

Grip Watercolor EcoPencils – Bonded for break-resistant leads that will not fall out. These easy to sharpen 24 count Watercolor pencils have a unique ” Soft-GRIP-ZONE” for a secure hold. The Watercolor paint is in the pencil and the smooth colors dissolve instantly with water. Ergonomic, triangular shape provides comfort and ease for tireless writing and drawing and will not roll off desks.

Metallic Colored EcoPencils – Made from re-forested wood, create exciting pencil effects with Faber-Castell’s Metallic Colored Pencils. A special blend of rich pigments brings your drawings to life. For a dramatic effect, use these pencils on a dark-colored textured paper. Includes 12 shiny metallic colors. Leads are glued the full length of the barrel and will not fall out if the pencil is dropped.


Creativity for Kids Invent a Stellar Solar Lamp invent a stellar solar lamp

Use the Spark!Lab invention process to invent your own solar lantern light, flashlight or night light. Think of what kind of lamp you would like to create. Write down all of your ideas no matter how crazy or weird. Remember ideas can be limitless. This product line inspires both analytical and creative thought to show children they can do anything they set their mind to – igniting the spark of invention. Spark!Lab Smithsonian inventive creativity kits are designed to provide children with the same hands-on experience at home as they would enjoy when visiting the draper sparkle at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Get Qurious Explorer Box

get qurious explorer boxGET QURIOUS EXPLORER BOX and Augmented Reality app bring the adventures of Manu & his friends – Leo and Emma – to life as they blast off into space together. The fun experience of combining physical game pieces with an interactive world encourages curiosity and imaginative play. The EXPLORER BOX helps you create your own stories, build different spaceships and maneuver them within 3D space animations, record stories with four masks of your GET QURIOUS friends, and discover hidden artifacts in four brilliant 3D animated space worlds.

EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator

expo markers

Always know how much ink is left with EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator. The whiteboard markers offer all the features that make EXPO the #1 dry erase marker brand plus one unique advantage: they let you see how much ink is left in the marker. Designed with a clear barrel and ink indicator gauge, it’s easy to see ink levels at all times, eliminating the worry of picking up a marker and wondering if it will work. EXPO markers are filled with bold, vibrant and smooth low-odor ink that writes evenly and erases easily. Now you can always be prepared to effectively communicate your message.

Elmer’s Glue

elmer's glueElmer’s Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glue – The unique disappearing purple formula helps kids see exactly where the glue is applied and then dries clear. Ideal for school projects and home crafts, Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glue works on all kinds of materials such as paper, display board, cardboard, foam board, photos, and much more.
Elmer’s Re-Stick School Glue Stick – Elmer’s Re-Stick Glue Stick enables kids to create arts & crafts projects just the way they want it. Re-Stick glue is adjustable for up to five minutes, allowing kids to make changes or reposition what they glue onto their posters, crafts, and presentations.

 Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker

Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee MakerThe On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker keeps up with your busy lifestyle by quickly brewing coffee directly into the stainless steel insulated thermal travel mug so you never have to leave your brew behind. Large permanent filter can hold up to 6 tablespoons of medium ground coffee for maximum strength, adjust strength by adding less ground coffee. The On-the-Go also works with pre-packaged soft coffee pods for an even quicker brew and faster clean up. As an added convenience and safety feature, the unit automatically shuts off after the brew cycle is complete. It also includes an On/Off button to save energy when not in use. Use the mug to measure out the water before filling the water tank to ensure no coffee will overflow.

What is your “Must Have” Back to school item?

Disclosure: I received samples of the products listed. All opinions stated here are my own. 

Back to school guide for school age kids



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