Tips on Keeping Kids Healthy While Traveling

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Tips on Keeping Kids Healthy While Traveling

‘Tis the season when many families travel to visit family and friends. How do you keep your kids healthy and safe while traveling? We don’t realize how easily our little ones can get sick and exposed to germs more when traveling. I’m sharing some tips that can help keep your kids healthy during Holiday travel.

Traveling with my kids was not always easy but I made sure to prepare in advance – giving them their vitamins and supplements. The kids have been taking CATALO vitamins and supplements for a few months now. They remember to take them every morning before school. We have been so lucky that they have not gotten sick at all this season. It makes me feel so much better knowing their little bodies are getting the vitamins and supplements they need to stay healthy.

CATALO children's supplements

Tips on Keeping Kids Healthy While Traveling

Daily Vitamins and Supplements

Give your child daily vitamins and supplements to help keep their bodies strong and healthy. CATALO is a premium, well-trusted brand in nutritional foods and supplements, with products across multiple categories, with the primary focus on Maternal, Baby and Children (MBC) products. I love their Children’s DHA Formula and Children’s Algae DHA + Omega-3 Vegetarian Gummies. The kids love them and the best part no fishy taste! Be sure to check all the CATALO vitamins and supplements.

Tips on Keeping Kids Healthy While Traveling

Washing Hands

Germs are everywhere especially at the airport and other public places. Remind the kids to wash their hands often with soap and water. Before eating and after. The kids would always have a little bit to see who can find the restrooms faster to wash their hands after we would get off the plane.

Bring Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Packing healthy snacks for the kids makes it easy to get through the travel experience without any hiccups. I don’t have to worry about buying any snacks while I’m dealing with flight check-ins, etc. Even if you are traveling on the road it is still easier to pack healthy snacks for the kids.

Bring Your Own First Aid Kit

Pack a little first aid kit for your family. Include hand sanitizer, band-aids, and other essentials you may need. It will definitely make things a lot easier if you can get to a restroom.

Keeping kids healthy during the holidays

Traveling during the Holidays is stressful enough, I hope these tips will make it a little easier to keep your little one healthy during the busy season.

CATALO products offer consumers quality products for every stage of life. CATALO emphasizes nutrition starting at the prenatal stage as it is the most critical time for women to acknowledge the need for good nutrition with lasting contribution into pregnancy and the rest of their lives.

What tips do you have for traveling during the Holidays?

All products are natural health supplement. Not for medical use. Shall not imply or use any word such as ‘cure, dosage, prevent, diagnose, treat, etc.

Tips on Keeping Kids Healthy While Traveling this holiday season


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