Elephant and Piggie Watercolor Magic

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elephant and piggie watercolor art-ivity

My daughter loves arts & crafts so it was no surprise when she fell in love with the new, We Are in an ART-ivity Book! by Mo Willems (Released September 5th, 2017). We’re already big fans of Mo Willems’ books but the Art-ivity book has become one of her favorites. Ciara loves painting, as a matter a fact, she paints every single day. We have artwork all over the house and will soon be signing her up for art classes. She is so creative and I am constantly looking for ways to try something new with her. Our favorite activity lately has been watercolor magic.

elephant and Piggie Art-itivity book

Watercolor Magic Art

We Are in an ART-ivity Book! is perfect for watercolor magic. I let her pick whichever pages she wanted to do for watercolor. Using paints and watercolors is a fun way for kids to bring their artwork to life.

Mo willems elephant and piggie


  • We Are in an ART-ivity Book! by Mo Willems
  • White Crayons
  • Watercolor palette
  • Paint brushes
  • Cup (for water)


1. Have your child pick what image/page they want to design.

Elephant and piggie watercolor art

2. Using the white crayon have them design what they want to draw or they can trace an outline of the image.

3. Dip the paintbrush in water and then dip in watercolor palette in desired color

4. Lightly swipe the paintbrush back and forth across the white crayon design or outline. Repeat as needed, dipping the paintbrush in water and watercolor.

Elephant and Piggie art and crafts

elephant and piggie activity book

The process is pretty simple and kids get the hang of it pretty quickly. My daughter was doing the watercolor magic everywhere. Kids can go wild with all their watercolor creations.

Elephant and piggie artwork

About the Book

Drawing! Coloring! Sculpting! Gaming! Puzzling! LOLing! It’s all here in the first-ever Elephant & Piggie ART-ivity book.

Elephant & Piggie are joined by a new face too: Art Vaark. Art the aardvark introduces Elephant, Piggie (and kids) to an incredible span of artistic styles: a “banana” still life; a color-by-number Piggie “Scream” painting; a scrap-paper collage (for which you earn an official “Collage Diploma”); and so much more.

Created by the same team behind Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!, this fun-filled, hands-on book features an interactive narrative that invites kids into an exciting, original Elephant & Piggie adventure! Recommended for age 4-8.

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Elephant and Piggie Watercolor magic activity


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