How to Make Wall Decals using Cricut Joy

This post is sponsored by Cricut. All ideas and opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links. There is no extra cost for you!

I had to keep a huge secret from you guys – but the good news is that I can finally share the adorable news. You’ll see why I say “adorable” really soon. The amazing team over at Cricut invited me and a few rock star bloggers to Salt Lake City last month to reveal an amazing new product called, Cricut Joy. Plus, I’m sharing how to make wall decals using Cricut Joy!

What is Cricut Joy?

Cricut Joy makes it easy to personalize all things in your life. This compact smart cutting and writing machine creates personalized labels, vinyl decals, iron-on projects, banners, homemade cards, and much more! Portable enough to take anywhere you go and powerful enough to cut repeated shapes up to 20 ft long. Cricut Joy makes it possible to make something unique for yourself and anyone else that needs a special gift.

Cricut Joy materials

If you already have an existing machine like Cricut Maker or Explore, Cricut Joy is your new best friend. It is small enough to take anywhere you go. Crafting on the go just got real! Personalize everything in your life – from your kitchen spice jars to your child’s backpack. Last-minute birthday? No problem with Cricut Joy! Use the Card Mat and Card Inserts to whip up a birthday card in minutes! Cricut Design Studio has many designs for you to choose from.

When will Cricut Joy hit stores and online retailers?

Cricut Joy will be available in all your favorite craft stores and online (Hello, Amazon) on March 1st! It will cost $179.

What are some of the New materials that work with Cricut Joy?

  • Smart Vinyl – Cut shapes up to 4 ft long or make repeated cuts up to 20 ft long – without a cutting mat!
  • Writeable Vinyl – Just write, cut, peel, and stick anywhere you want! No mat required – just load the vinyl right onto the Cricut Joy. Use Cricut Joy pens and markers to write on the vinyl.
  • Smart Iron-On – No cutting mat required for the smart iron-on vinyl. Personalize onesies, backpacks, tote bags, t-shirts, and so much more! Available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Card Inserts – The ingenious glue-free design allows for two-tone, depth-filled cards without mess or hassle. Cut images and words with ease.
  • Card Mat – To be used with the card inserts. It makes it easy to create cards in minutes!

I want to share a quick and super easy project you can do with the Cricut Joy. My wall was looking really bare so I added some adorable heart decals to make my little work area pop. I used removable Smart Vinyl for this particular project because I wanted to easily remove it if needed.

How to Make Wall Decals using Cricut Joy

Materials Needed:

Open Design Space and select Joy as your machine. Search “heart” under images and select the heart you like best. If you prefer a star decal you can select a star of your choice. The wonderful thing about Cricut Design Space is the abundance of designs you can pick from.

heart decal with cricut joy

The hearts are sized about 2″ which was perfect for what I wanted it for. You will only need to put 1 of the images you want the decal of because the machine will ask how much of that image you want to cut.

Click “Make It”.

cricut joy selection

Select “Without Mat” as your option. Click “done”. Enter the number of copies you would like. I wanted to fill the entire roll of vinyl so I entered 43 (I probably could’ve fit 44). The machine will let you know if you have enough material for the number of copies you are trying to cut. Enter the Material size of your vinyl roll.

smart vinyl cricut joy
The machine will load the entire roll of vinyl to ensure you have enough. Once done it will be ready to cut. Once the cutting is complete – time to weed or you can just peel the hearts right from the vinyl roll. All that is left is just sticking it to your desired surface.

Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl project

Seriously easy, right? I think I’m decaling all the things!

Cricut Joy makes it easy to accomplish all those projects you’ve been dying to do! Labeling all the spice jars – check! Decorating your new water bottle – check! The possibilities are endless with Cricut Joy. The most important question is… what will be your first project?

Cricut Joy is a perfect companion for any crafter but perfect for those that love dabbling in craft projects every now and then. Also, for the beginner crafter.

Want to learn more about Cricut?


This post is sponsored by Cricut. All ideas and opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase anything through my links. There is no extra cost for you!

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