How to Build A Raised Garden Bed

Make your own raised garden bed

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed – 4×4

Item list purchased from a home improvement store:

  • 6 pieces of 2x4x12ft @ $5.48 each – total – $32.88
  • 1 piece of 2x2x8ft @ $1.63
  • 1 box of Deckmate tan 2 ½ screw @ $9.37
  • 1 gallon of Wood Armor water proofer @ $9.97
  • 1 – 3” Economy paintbrush @ $3.97
  • Vigoro Red Lava decorative stones @ $3.85 each

Building Instructions:

  • First I gathered 12 precut pieces of 2×4 at 4 feet each. Each side will consist of 3 pieces of wood stacked.
  • With a deck clamp, I secured 3 pieces of 2×4 then screwed a 12 inch cut of 2×2 on the edges but on the top side of the wood.

Step by step guide to raised garden bed

  • Follow step 2 again to build another side.
  • With the 2 main sides with the 2×2 built I stood them up and clamped an additional 3 pieces of 2×4 and drilled 2 screws on top each board to attach to the side with the 2×2.

Step by step guide to raised garden bed

  • Flip the 3 attached pieces and follow step 4 again to attach the 4th side.

Step by step guide to raised garden bed

  • With all 4 sides complete the next step is building the top ledge of the flower bed. For this step I measure and additional 2 inches from the horizontal and vertical side to create an overhang. Once the measurements taken cut the additional 2×4’s as needed for size. Mine were 51 inches and 53 inches.
  • After the 2×4’s are cut for the top ledge I used a Miter Saw to make 45-degree cuts to use to connect the border.
  • After the cuts position them at the top gently and align as desired before screwing them in.
  • Pre-drill 3 holes on each side spread out. Once pre-drilled fasten to the screws to secure the top border.


  • The final step for the bed is to use the wood armor to give clear waterproof protection to the bed. *** Additional plastic layer or heavy-duty bags can be used to protect the wood on the inside from water and dirt.


  • With the raised bed complete you just need to find the desired location in your yard where you will want to place the bed. Use a shovel to cut out grass if not in a clean area and level out the dirt before placing the bed. For protection from weeds use a layer of landscape fabric first then lay the bed on top. I cut out an additional 1 foot perimeter to make room for Red Lava decorative stones by Vigoro I wanted to add for appeal and accessibility around the raised bed.


  • Almost done! …. now all you have to do is use the combination of soils of your choice and enjoy planting and growing!

Make your own raised garden bed


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  1. Lisa R
    February 21, 2014 / 2:17 am

    I’ve been dying to make one. I just had bad lick with a veggie garden this past year so I am wondering if I should try again. I couldn’t believe that I had those big worms which name escapes me right now ruin my plants

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