Dollar Store Pumpkin Crafts!

The Dollar Tree has these cute little foam pumpkins that I saw when I went the other day. I thought they would be a cute and easy Halloween project to do with my son, Christian. He loves helping with different projects whether it is with his daddy or me.


I bought some clearance Washi tape at Michael’s for $1. Michael’s had a lot of Halloween paper craft items on clearance. I hit the jackpot when I went. I wasn’t planning on doing anything fancy just quick easy projects he could do with little help.

Washi pumpkin? Check!


I just helped him cut strips of tape and we taped them right on. So easy!

Spray paint pumpkin? Check!
Ok, I did this part and had my son far away from the fumes. I really wanted a glitter spray paint but could not find it anywhere. My search continues. I did love the finish of the spray paint it made it look like a ceramic pumpkin.

Washi tape and spray paint? Check!
spray_paint pumpkinsI had my son do a design on the pumpkin with the washi tape (the tape adhered very well) then I spray painted it. He did such a good job putting the tape around it.

It was a nice easy afternoon project and he enjoyed it. Have you done any crafty projects with the Dollar Store pumpkins?


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  1. Ana
    October 25, 2013 / 3:46 pm

    That looked like a lot of fun, I need to go to Dollar tree and get a few things for the boys! ūüôā

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